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Is The Institutional Church Really The Church

Author: Dave Kahle
Publisher: Tate Publishing & Enterprises
ISBN: 9781631226946
Size: 16.74 MB
Format: PDF
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Over the last twenty years, the institutional church has spent $530 billion, but the percentage of Christians in the country has not increased one percentage point. Additionally, in the last two generations: - We have seen the culture go from Christian to anti-Christian. - We have turned off and lost half of our children. - We have inoculated 80 percent of the population from ever accepting Christ. - We have fostered almost incomprehensible division. Can this really be the church for which Christ died? Isn't it time we ask some questions? Join Dave Kahle as he asks and answers a number of questions that will shake your beliefs and provide a new perspective about the church. Your views of the church will never be the same.

Catholic Church Milestones

Author: William Frank Smith
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 1608448215
Size: 58.74 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Catholic Church Milestones is a concise, easy to read introduction to the people and events that have shaped the Institutional Catholic Church from its beginning to the present day. Counting over one billion members worldwide, the Catholic Church is the world's largest Christian denomination and over the course of the last two thousand years has played a significant role on the world stage. Milestones presents the reader with both the good and not-so-good people and events in the church's history. Included are brief summaries of all twenty-one ecumenical councils; the highlights of several of the most notable papacies; introductions to several of the spiritual mystics who have enriched the church; and, descriptions of some of the world events that played a role in moving the church to where it is today. This is an ideal book for shared group discussion, as well as for personal reading and reference. Milestones starts with a basic understanding that Jesus did not found a "church," rather his apostles and followers began small communities of believers after Jesus' Resurrection. In each of eight discrete time periods, the principle people and events are listed and discussed. Starting with the early local communities founded by the apostles, the first time period encompasses the early persecutions faced by the followers of Jesus and the transition of this new Way from a sect of the Jewish faith into a completely separate, mostly gentile religion. By the fourth century we see the dramatic change as this new belief system becomes the official religion of the Roman Empire, followed by the even more dramatic changes as the Roman Empire splits and then falters, leaving the Pope in Rome as a major player in the political life of the western part of the former Empire throughout the middle ages. At the beginning of the eleventh century the first major split occurs in the Catholic Church, as most of the Eastern Churches reject the leadership of the Pope and form a new "Orthodox" union that exists to this day; followed some five hundred years later by a major split in the West, as Martin Luther and other reformers call for changes in the church, which Rome soundly rejected. Instead the Catholic Church turned inward and put up further walls of separation in its counter-reformation attitudes it would staunchly hold for the next four hundred years, even as the world changed with: the industrial revolution; scientific breakthroughs; communism; and, then two world wars during the first half of the twentieth century. Finally we look at the changing face of the church following the Second Vatican Council."


Author: John L. McKenzie
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1606082744
Size: 65.77 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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While it is true that today's civilization presents all sorts of questions about which the Bible had nothing to say directly, in many instances there are passages which, when properly understood, can lead us toward the right answer for modern Christians. And in many instances the Bible addresses itself explicitly to moral and spiritual concerns that are just as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago. But discerning the true intent of the scriptures is not as simple as many people have tried to make it. There are seeming (and sometimes actual) contradictions to be reconciled, there is the cloud of historical context to be clarified, the inaccuracies of translators, the findings of modern biblical criticism, research and archaeological discoveries to be considered. Expert guidance is indeed required. Father McKenzie tackles death, marriage, divorce, suffering, sexual morality, life after death, violence, love of neighbor, faith, the institutional church, prejudice and bigotry, prayer and personal holiness, the role of women in the church, priesthood and varieties of ministry, sin and radical evil. Chapters on these subjects are thought provoking, and readers will appreciate their journey through the scriptures with McKenzie as their perfect guide.

Child Sexual Abuse And The Catholic Church

Author: Marie Keenan
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199328994
Size: 41.63 MB
Format: PDF
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A meticulously researched inside look at child sexual abuse by clergy, this exhaustive, hard-hitting analysis weaves together interviews with abusive priests and church historical and administrative details to propose a new way of thinking about clerical sexual offenders. Linking the personal and the institutional, researcher and therapist Marie Keenan locates the problem of child sexual abuse not exclusively in individual pathology, but also within larger systemic factors, such as the very institution of priesthood itself, the Catholic take on sexuality, clerical culture, power relations, governance structures of the Catholic Church, the process of formation for priesthood and religious life, and the complex manner in which these factors coalesce to create serious institutional risks for boundary violations, including child sexual abuse. Keenan draws on the priests' own words not to excuse their horrific crimes, but to offer the first in-depth account of a tragic, multi-faceted phenomenon. What emerges is a troubling portrait of a Church in crisis and a series of recommendations that call for nothing less than a new ecclesiology and a new, more critical theology. Only through radical institutional reform, Keenan argues, can a more representative and accountable Church emerge. Child Sexual Abuse and the Catholic Church is a unique reference for scholars of the Church and therapists who work with both victims and offenders, as well as a forward-thinking blueprint for reform.

The Conversion Of The Church

Author: Samuel M. Shoemaker
Publisher: carl (tuchy) palmieri
ISBN: 9781439220405
Size: 39.46 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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A down to earth yet powerful expression of the true meaning of Fellowship. working with people on the basis of absolute love and honesty

Dying Church Living God

Author: Chuck Meyer
Publisher: Wood Lake Publishing Inc.
ISBN: 1770642706
Size: 11.16 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Make a new church. That's the challenge Chuck Meyer lays down for readers. He writes that the institutional church we know so well is dying. In fact, it may already be dead. Its structure and theology make no sense today, and haven't for decades. It has ceased to be an adequate instrument for the Living God who refuses to be bound by it, to it, or in it. Dying Church, Living God is a provocative, radical look at the church as it enters the 21st century. "In the midst of all this enormous change, the Church still conducts worship services at hours based around 19th-century milking schedules...There is an incredibly deep spiritual hunger gnawing at people" that Chuck Meyer believes the church must address. Acknowledgement of the death of the church and the inevitable resurrection is both the premise and the promise of this provocative, enlightening book.

The Church Has Left The Building

Author: Michael Plekon
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1498239579
Size: 57.16 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The origin of the phrase "the church has left the building" lies with Elvis. In order to clear halls of his riotous fans after concerts, it was announced that "Elvis has left the building." Here, the expression highlights intense change within the church. Not only does the church change for its own existence, it also does so for the life of the world. The church cannot avoid the many past and future changes of our constantly transforming society, demographic changes long in process. What you have before you is a gathering of first-hand reflections--stories really--from a diverse group of Christians, lay as well as ordained. While each has a distinctive experience of the church in our time, all of them have something to say about the many changes in our society and how these are affecting our faith, the parish, and pastoral work. Contributors: Mary Breton Nicholas Denysenko Adam A. J. DeVille John C. Frazier David Frost Carol Fryer Kenneth J. Guest Brett Hoover Abbie Huff Wongee Joh Justin Mathews Maria Gwyn McDowell William C. Mills Robert Corin Morris Sarah Hinlicky Wilson Michael Plekon

Reimagining Church

Author: Frank Viola
Publisher: David C Cook
ISBN: 9781434766533
Size: 20.41 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Author Frank Viola gives readers language for all they knew was missing in their modern church experience. He believes that many of today's congregations have shifted from God's original intent for the church. As a prominent leader of the house church movement, Frank is at the forefront of a revolution sweeping through the body of Christ. A change that is challenging the spiritual status quo and redefining the very nature of church. A movement inspired by the divine design for authenticity community. A fresh concept rooted in ancient history and in God Himself. Join Frank as he shares God's original intent for the church, where the body of Christ is an organic, living, breathing organism. A church that is free of convention, formed by spiritual intimacy, and unbound by four walls.

Where The Rubber Hits The Road In This Game They Call Life

Author: Steve Wordsmith
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1483634957
Size: 44.20 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Don't give up till you reach the end, or you will miss the message. Introduction My poems are inspired by life's experience, the good times and the not so good times. Recapping significant bits of life and events that have absolutely no significance at all. Sometimes one of my poems will introduce a life changing truth next will lead you down the garden path to some humorous event that's really out for a laugh. I suppose it's not really fair to play with the dynamics of people's emotions but life's not always fair. Anyway if your reading my book and it has touched you enough to move your mind away from reality for a short time it has achieved the desired result. And also paid a small amount to help feed my family. This will also give me the opportunity to write another verse that just may be the poem that touches the hearts of the people that needs a slight encouragement at that particular moment so don't get up off the lounge or out of that comfy chair.

Flawed Institution Flawless Church

Author: Paul Ungar
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443867578
Size: 48.38 MB
Format: PDF
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Contemporary news headlines, as well as the history of the Church, are replete with scandals, unholy acts, and abuses of power. Such a disappointing trend has shaken the faith of many, and made it fashionable to decry the hypocrisy of “organized religion.” Yet despite these massive stumbling blocks, the Church has always insisted, and continues to maintain, that it is none other than the Holy Body of Christ. How can these polarities be reconciled? How can the world’s trust in the Church be renewed in this postmodern era of religious indifference and apathy? How can an obviously flawed institution become the genuine Church, as intended by Jesus Christ? Responding to these questions, the author calls for a critical self-evaluation of the Church in her quest for renewal, presents a much-needed modern interdisciplinary approach to apologetics, and powerfully promotes ecumenism. This scholarly and passionately written book substantiates Christian optimism, and provides a thoughtful and convincing response to the challenges posed by skeptics such as Nietzsche, Freud, Dawkins, and their contemporary intellectual heirs.