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Lectures On Classical Mechanics

Author: Berthold-Georg Englert
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company
ISBN: 9814678473
Size: 15.87 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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These lecture notes cover Classical Mechanics at the level of second-year undergraduates. The book offers comprehensive as well as self-contained material that can be taught in a one-semester course for students with the minimal background knowledge acquired in preuniversity education or in the usual first-year overview. The presentation does not skip the technical details which renders the book particularly well-suited for the self-studying student.

Lecture Notes On Newtonian Mechanics

Author: Ilya L. Shapiro
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461478251
Size: 74.40 MB
Format: PDF
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One could make the claim that all branches of physics are basically generalizations of classical mechanics. It is also often the first course which is taught to physics students. The approach of this book is to construct an intermediate discipline between general courses of physics and analytical mechanics, using more sophisticated mathematical tools. The aim of this book is to prepare a self-consistent and compact text that is very useful for teachers as well as for independent study.

Lectures On Quantum Mechanics

Author: Paul A. M. Dirac
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486320286
Size: 56.54 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Four concise, brilliant lectures on mathematical methods in quantum mechanics from Nobel Prize–winning quantum pioneer build on idea of visualizing quantum theory through the use of classical mechanics.

Lectures On Quantum Mechanics

Author: Ashok Das
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company
ISBN: 9813108290
Size: 21.33 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This set of lecture notes on quantum mechanics aims to teach, in a simple and straightforward manner, the basic theory behind the subject, drawing on examples from all fields of physics to provide both background as well as context. The self-contained book includes a review of classical mechanics and some of the necessary mathematics. Both the standard fare of quantum mechanics texts — the harmonic oscillator, the hydrogen atom, angular momentum as well as topics such as symmetry with a discussion on periodic potentials, the relativistic electron, spin and scattering theory are covered. Approximation methods are discussed with a view to applications; these include stationary perturbation theory, the WKB approximation, time dependent perturbations and the variational principle. Together, the seventeen chapters provide a very comprehensive introduction to quantum mechanics. Selected problems are collected at the end of each chapter in addition to the numerous exercises sprinkled throughout the text. The book is written in a simple and elegant style, and is characterized by clarity, depth and excellent pedagogical organization.

A Modern Approach To Classical Mechanics

Author: Harald Iro
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9789812382139
Size: 21.45 MB
Format: PDF
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The approach to classical mechanics adopted in this book includes and stresses recent developments in nonlinear dynamical systems. The concepts necessary to formulate and understand chaotic behavior are presented. Besides the conventional topics (such as oscillators, the Kepler problem, spinning tops and the two centers problem) studied in the frame of Newtonian, Lagrangian, and Hamiltonian mechanics, nonintegrable systems (the H‚non-Heiles system, motion in a Coulomb force field together with a homogeneous magnetic field, the restricted three-body problem) are also discussed. The question of the integrability (of planetary motion, for example) leads finally to the KAM-theorem.This book is the result of lectures on 'Classical Mechanics' as the first part of a basic course in Theoretical Physics. These lectures were given by the author to undergraduate students in their second year at the Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria. The book is also addressed to lecturers in this field and to physicists who want to obtain a new perspective on classical mechanics.

Classical Mechanics

Author: K. K. Likharev
Publisher: IOP Publishing Limited
ISBN: 9780750313995
Size: 11.84 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Essential Advanced Physics is a series comprising four parts: Classical Mechanics, Classical Electrodynamics, Quantum Mechanics and Statistical Mechanics. Each part consists of two volumes, Lecture Notes and Problems with Solutions, further supplemented by an additional collection of test problems and solutions available to qualifying university instructors. Written for graduate and advanced undergraduate students, the goal of this series is to provide readers with a knowledge base necessary for professional work in physics, be that theoretical or experimental, fundamental or applied research. From the formal point of view, it satisfies typical PhD basic course requirements at major universities. Selected parts of the series may be also valuable for graduate students and researchers in allied disciplines, including astronomy, chemistry, materials science, and mechanical, electrical, computer and electronic engineering. The EAP series is focused on the development of problem-solving skills. The following features distinguish it from other graduate-level textbooks: Concise lecture notes ( 250 pages per semester) Emphasis on simple explanations of the main concepts, ideas and phenomena of physics Sets of exercise problems, with detailed model solutions in separate companion volumes Extensive cross-referencing between the volumes, united by common style and notation Additional sets of test problems, freely available to qualifying faculty This volume, Classical Mechanics: Lecture Notes is intended to be the basis for a one-semester graduate-level course on classical mechanics and dynamics, including the mechanics of continua, in particular deformations, elasticity, waves, and fluid dynamics.

Mathematical Physics I

Author: Matteo Petrera
ISBN: 9783832535698
Size: 78.21 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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These Lecture Notes provide an introduction to the theory of finite-dimensional dynamical systems. The first part presents the main classical results about continuous time dynamical systems with a finite number of degrees of freedom. Among the topics covered are: initial value problems, geometrical methods in the theory of ordinary differential equations, stability theory, aspects of local bifurcation theory. The second part is devoted to the Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formulation of finite-dimensional dynamical systems, both on Euclidean spaces and smooth manifolds. The main topics are: variational formulation of Newtonian mechanics, canonical Hamiltonian mechanics, theory of canonical transformations, introduction to mechanics on Poisson and symplectic manifolds. The material is presented in a way that is at once intuitive, systematic and mathematically rigorous. The theoretical part is supplemented with many concrete examples and exercises.