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Many Lives Many Masters

Author: Brian L. Weiss
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0671657860
Size: 61.23 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 1976
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Describes the case of a young woman suffering from anxiety attacks, explains how hypnosis revealed her memories of past lives, and discusses the usefulness of regression therapy

Summary Many Lives Many Masters The True Story Of A Prominent Psychiatrist His Young Patient And The Past Life Therapy That Changed Both Their Lives

Author: Abbey Beathan
Publisher: Abbey Beathan Publishing
ISBN: 1386276111
Size: 74.60 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Psychiatrist, His Young Patient, and Past-Life Therapy by Brian L. Weiss | Book Summary | Abbey Beathan (Disclaimer: This is NOT the original book.) The story about how a skeptical doctor discovered evidence on past lives and developed a method using them to cure his patients. There are many stories about how a skeptic turns into a believer but this one stands out. A skeptical doctor was astonished when he discovered one of his patients recalling past-life traumas. Those wounds from the past seem to be responsible of his recurring nightmares and anxiety attacks. Doctor Weiss manages to channel his new knowledge and develop a method called "past life regression" which recovers memories of incarnations in order to address them and cure the patient of his traumas. (Note: This summary is wholly written and published by Abbey Beathan. It is not affiliated with the original author in any way) "For truly we are all angels temporarily hiding as humans." – Brian L. Weiss After discovering about past lives, Brian L. Weiss entered a new phase in his career; one that would use memories from the past lives of patients in order to heal them. His method of hypnosis worked so he started heading in a new path in order to help each one of his patients. His work in parapsychology is outstanding and his method of past life regressions is brilliant. Definitely a book worth reading. A skeptic doctor discovered evidence that baffled him and change his mind about reincarnation. P.S. Many Lives, Many Masters is an amazing book that shows us a new approach on psychological treatment. P.P.S. It was Albert Einstein who famously said that once you stop learning, you start dying. It was Bill Gates who said that he would want the ability to read faster if he could only have one superpower in this world. Abbey Beathan's mission is to bring across amazing golden nuggets in amazing books through our summaries. Our vision is to make reading non-fiction fun, dynamic and captivating. Ready To Be A Part Of Our Vision & Mission? Scroll Up Now and Click on the "Buy now with 1-Click" Button to Get Your Copy. Why Abbey Beathan's Summaries? How Can Abbey Beathan Serve You? Amazing Refresher if you've read the original book before Priceless Checklist in case you missed out any crucial lessons/details Perfect Choice if you're interested in the original book but never read it before Disclaimer Once Again: This book is meant for a great companionship of the original book or to simply get the gist of the original book. "One of the greatest and most powerful gift in life is the gift of knowledge. The way of success is the way of continuous pursuit of knowledge" - Abbey Beathan

Think Like A Publisher

Author: Randy Davila
Publisher: Hierophant Publishing
ISBN: 193828917X
Size: 79.60 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Straight Talk from a Publisher The publishing world has changed! An explosion in printed books, E-books, and self-publishing has contributed to more new titles coming to market than ever before. With so much happening, how does a new author stand out from the crowd? Not to mention turn a profit. In Think Like a Publisher: 33 Essential Tips to Write, Promote, and Sell Your Book, Randy Davila, President of Hampton Roads Publishing & Hierophant Publishing, explains the nuances of the publishing industry in plain English, and gives authors all the tools necessary to be successful in today’s rapidly changing publishing world. Broken down into three easy to follow categories of Editorial, Marketing, and Business specific tips, Think Like a Publisher offers invaluable insight into how publishers think about manuscripts, marketing, and their partnership with the author. You will also learn: What publishers (and readers!) look for in a manuscript The most common new author writing mistakes—and how to avoid them The makings of a great book title and cover The pros and cons of self-publishing vs. traditional publishing How to build your author platform and gain a following The ins and outs of the business side of publishing—contracts, royalties, agents, and more! For any writer who has felt intimidated by the prospect of bringing a book into the world, Think Like a Publisher offers a one-stop guide to understanding the publishing industry and what it takes to make your book a success!

Leading Mind

Author: Peter Hey
Publisher: Balboa Press
ISBN: 1982220252
Size: 46.34 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 2453
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How you see yourself. How you see others. How you see life. The direction of your life. These are intimately linked to the mind. How does it work? How is your behavior and interactions with others directed by it? In Leading Mind, author Peter Hey presents a model of the human consciousness that explains how your mind works, with an emphasis on the mechanisms that manage your emotions. Drawing from insights gained through a lifetime of study about the mind, his professional certifications, combined with his experiences and that of other practitioners, Hey discusses the structures that control your behavior, and he gives an understanding of the different components of the personality. He offers a clear picture of the crucial role emotions play in your life, including: How you become who you are and why you direct your destiny in a different direction than intended. Leading Mind shows how parents, upbringing, and the environment are critical to the building of a positive, resourceful personality in kids. Hey takes you on an introspective journey of your inner world to help you realize you can change your mind to truly lead your life in the direction that is authentically yours.

Learning From Life

Author: James A. Morack
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469102870
Size: 45.28 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 1380
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Every one of us is on our own unique journey through life. And each of our journeys contains many learning opportunities. What we choose to do with those learning opportunities shapes our individual destinies. How we respond to life, its challenges, and its blessings defines us for who we truly are. Learning from Life describes one mans journey. It highlights the significant yet simple ideas that have played a role in not only his ability to survive challenges, but to understand and grow from them. Therein lies the magnificence of truly learning from life. Some of those lessons include the importance of gratitude, taking care of yourself, dealing with fear, going beyond our comfort zone, self-discovery, setting goals, and much more. There is real joy in knowing that at any point in your life you can create a new beginning. This book will provide you with insights and ideas on how you can do that too. With each lesson learned comes a new beginning, a chance to step out once more and do things differently the next time. Armed with a greater understanding of what comes from finding the beneficial aspects of our life experiences, we can greet each new moment in our lives with a fresh perspective, one that hopefully makes living more enjoyable for us and those around us. And in greeting that new moment with a fresh perspective, we create new beginnings for ourselves continually.

The Red Book

Author: Sera J. Beak
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118040910
Size: 58.22 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 5366
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The Red Book is nothing less than a spiritual fire starter -- a combustible cocktail of Hindu Tantra and Zen Buddhism, Rumi and Carl Jung, goddesses and psychics, shaken with cosmic nudges, meaningful subway rides, haircuts, relationships, sex, dreams, and intuition. Author Sera Beak's unique hybrid perspective, hilarious personal anecdotes, and invaluable exercises encourage her readers to live more consciously so they can start making clearer choices across the board, from careers to relationships, politics to pop culture and everything in between. For smart, gutsy, spiritually curious women whose colorful and complicated lives aren’t reflected in most spirituality books, The Red Book is an open invitation to find your true self and start sharing that delicious truth with the world.

It Is All About You

Author: Renee Perry
Publisher: Balboa Press
ISBN: 1452568812
Size: 80.87 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 7699
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BREAK ALL THE RULES! "Renee Perry displays the unique ability to supply the tools needed to help unlock your talents, organize your thoughts, and guide your actions through the process of getting comfortable jumping over business hurdles. She facilitates recognition of your personal strengths and weaknesses, and how each affects your business decisions. I have a deep respect for Renee's business skills and judgment." Sue Gott, president of TallGrass Signs CREATE THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS SIMPLY AND NATURALLY "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein What disconnects you from success is not a lack of talent but the perspective that you hold that has created your life so far. Whether you are starting a business or starting a family, once you know how to re-pattern your perspective, you will change the trajectory of your life and business, thus doing less while achieving more joy and fulfillment. "It IS All about You!" coaches you to your success so you can create the life you have always dreamed of with peace of mind."

Many Lives Many Masters

Author: Brian Leslie Weiss
Publisher: Hachette Digital, Inc.
ISBN: 9780446520591
Size: 12.73 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 1083
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Describes the case of a young woman suffering from anxiety attacks, explains how hypnosis revealed her memories of past lives, and discusses the usefulness of regression therapy

Life After Death

Author: Nancy Hoffman
ISBN: 9781590181294
Size: 52.90 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 4179
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Discusses various aspects and beliefs concerning life after death, including reincarnation, communicatng with the dead, heaven and hell, and near-death experiences.

Dolphin Healing

Author: Horace E. Dobbs
ISBN: 9780749920791
Size: 73.90 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 5772
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Dolphin Healing is an inspiring account of the nature of the healing power of dolphins by internationally renowned expert Horace Dobbs. This accessible and intriguing book is based on Horace Dobbs' extraordinary work with dolphins.