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South Korea Since 1980

Author: Uk Heo
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521761166
Size: 29.56 MB
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This book examines the changes in politics, economics, society, and foreign policy in South Korea since 1980. Starting with a brief description of its history leading up to 1980, this book deals with South Korea's transition to democracy, the stunning economic development achieved since the 1960s, the 1997 financial crisis, and the economic reforms that followed and concludes with the North Korean nuclear crisis and foreign relations with regional powers. The theoretical framework of this book addresses how democratization affected all of these dimensions of South Korea. For instance, democratization allowed for the more frequent alternation of political elites from conservative to liberal and back to conservative. These elites initiated different policies for dealing with North Korea and held different views on South Korea's role in its alliance with the United States. Consequently, ideological divides in South Korean politics became more stark and the political process more combative.

The United States Since 1980

Author: Dean Baker
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9781139462501
Size: 32.89 MB
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This book, first published in 2007, describes the sharp right turn the United States has taken following the election of Ronald Reagan as president in 1980. The treatment details how the policies pursued by the Reagan administration were a break from both the policies pursued by prior administrations and those pursued in other wealthy countries. The Reagan administration policies had the effect of redistributing both before- and after-tax income upward, creating a situation in which the bulk of the economic gains over the last quarter century were directed to a small segment of the population. The analysis explains how both political parties have come largely to accept the main tenets of Reaganism, putting the United States on a path that is at odds with most of the rest of the world and is not sustainable.

India Since 1980

Author: Sumit Ganguly
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139498665
Size: 11.51 MB
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This book considers the remarkable transformations that have taken place in India since 1980, a period that began with the assassination of the formidable Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Her death, and that of her son Rajiv seven years later, marked the end of the Nehru-Gandhi era. Although the country remains one of the few democracies in the developing world, many of the policies instigated by these earlier regimes have been swept away to make room for dramatic alterations in the political, economic and social landscape. Sumit Ganguly and Rahul Mukherji, two leading political scientists of South Asia, chart these developments with particular reference to social and political mobilization, the rise of the BJP and its challenge to Nehruvian secularism and the changes to foreign policy that, in combination with its meteoric economic development, have ensured India a significant place on the world stage.

World Population

Author: United States. Bureau of the Census
Size: 31.10 MB
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Recent demographic estimates for countries and regions of the world.

Predictions From 1980 To 1990

Author: Alfred Schmielewski
Publisher: Greg Henry Waters Group
Size: 58.47 MB
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FEBRUARY 12, 1981 RONALD REAGAN THROUGH THE EYES OF THE SOVIETS After enjoying sadistically four years in which the Soviet influence increased in the Panama Canal, the Strait of Hormoudzd, the Schatt el Arab, the oil fields of Iran and almost the Republic of South Africa, one ghastly winter day, all out of the blue, they were hit deep below the belt by the most awful thing that has recently happened to the Kremlin: The election of Ronald Reagan. To the Soviets, Ronald Reagan is their threat in the White House, a mean old man who has already called their bluff.

Land Reform In Mexico 1910 1980

Author: Susan R. Walsh Sanderson
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 1483272311
Size: 53.79 MB
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Land Reform in Mexico: 1910–1980 presents the workings of the Mexican government by analyzing actual policies, their implementation, and their outcomes in a significant and central sector of the Mexican economy, agriculture. This book discusses the pattern of Mexican redistribution policy in agriculture over an extensive period of time, with emphasis on the causes and effects of these policy shifts. Organized into eight chapters, this book begins with an overview of the agricultural policy and modernization strategy of Mexico. This text then relates regional variations in the rural social structure of the late 19th century to the history of Mexico's unique agricultural policy. Other chapters consider the policy shifts reflected in agrarian legislation by presidential period. This book discusses as well the politics of land reform and its linkages to local, state, and national administrations. The final chapter deals with the status of agricultural policy in Mexico during the 1980s. This book is a valuable resource for scholar and students with interest in Mexican politics.

Spatial Inequality And Development

Author: S. M. Ravi Kanbur
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Size: 10.12 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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"This is an introduction to spatial and regional inequality. Drawing on data from 25 countries from around the world, it examines the questions: What exactly is spatial inequality? Why does it matter? And what should be the policy response to it?"--Provided by publisher

The New Wider World

Author: Garrett Nagle
Publisher: Nelson Thornes
ISBN: 9780748790760
Size: 30.94 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The New Wider World Coursemate for OCR A GCSE Geography provides summaries of key content and key ideas to support OCR's 2001 Geography A specification.

World Development Report 1980

Publisher: World Bank Publications
ISBN: 0195028341
Size: 74.98 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Abstract: Developing countries start the decade facing two major challenges: to continue the social and economic progress of the past 30 years in an international climate that looks less helpful; and to tackle the plight of the 800 million people living in absolute poverty, who have benefitted too little from past progress. This report examines some of the difficulties and prospects in both areas. One of its central themes is the importance of people in development. The first part of the report addresses the expected sluggish world economic growth as oil-importing countries reduce their current account deficits and adapt to higher energy costs. Domestic policies of developing countries will be crucial, and the fate of poor people in these countries will be decided largely by domestic opportunities and policies. The second part of the report describes the role of human development programs (in education, health, nutrition, and fertility reduction) and their related effects on productivity and population growth.