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Author: Shayne Silvers
Publisher: Argento Publishing, LLC
ISBN: 9781947709041
Size: 29.31 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Hell hath no fury like Callie Penrose... Ever since Callie - the Vatican's rookie monster hunter - killed a demon a few weeks ago, Kansas City's been eerily quiet. But she soon learns it's just the calm before the storm. Because werewolves begin abducting young women in Kansas City, and a new church opens its doors, pronouncing death to all idols, including these 'make-believe' monsters and wizards. But when one of their congregation is disemboweled by a monster on the steps of the church with the phrase God is dead painted in blood, someone in the church decides to take a lesson from the Salem Witch Trials... And the police seem to be helping. Callie must catch the killer before Kansas City erupts in civil war. A civil war she inadvertently started. Before everyone decides to kill each other. Or worse yet, her. But she's being stalked. By something unseen. More than one something... And with so many new faces coming to Missouri - gods, legends, and nightmares - Callie begins to realize it's all someone's sick idea of a game. And that Hell never really left Kansas City. Or Callie Penrose. After all, they say Missouri loves company...

Rage Of Dragons

Author: Daniel Arenson
Publisher: Moonclipse
Size: 40.93 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 4566
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Requiem lies in ruin. Marble columns lay fallen. Fire sweeps across ancestral forests. Requiem. The homeland of dragons. It burns. A year ago, an ancient evil rose here. Nemoria the Devourer. A dark goddess. She butchered thousands. Princess Fira, heiress of Requiem, defeated Nemoria in battle. She cast her out. But now Nemoria is back. And she's leading an unholy host. The valkyries. Mistresses of death. They rally around their goddess. With swords of light, with wings of steel, they slaughter dragons. Hope is all but lost. Fira flies on a desperate quest. She must find the Mirror of Many Worlds, a magical artifact which can banish the valkyries. But the mirror lies beyond dangers untold. And Requiem doesn't have much time. Can Fira save her kingdom? Or will the last dragons fall? THE REQUIEM SERIES: Requiem: Dawn of Dragons Book 1: Requiem's Song Book 2: Requiem's Hope Book 3: Requiem's Prayer Requiem: Song of Dragons Book 1: Blood of Requiem Book 2: Tears of Requiem Book 3: Light of Requiem Requiem: Dragonlore Book 1: A Dawn of Dragonfire Book 2: A Day of Dragon Blood Book 3: A Night of Dragon Wings Requiem: The Dragon War Book 1: A Legacy of Light Book 2: A Birthright of Blood Book 3: A Memory of Fire Requiem: Requiem for Dragons Book 1: Dragons Lost Book 2: Dragons Reborn Book 3: Dragons Rising Requiem: Flame of Requiem Book 1: Forged in Dragonfire Book 2: Crown of Dragonfire Book 3: Pillars of Dragonfire Requiem: Dragonfire Rain Book 1: Blood of Dragons Book 2: Rage of Dragons Book 3: Flight of Dragons

Old Evil Book 2

Author: Michael La Ronn
Publisher: Ursabrand Media
Size: 63.98 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Old Dark has awakened from his deadly curse, one thousand years into the future, in a world overrun with magic where he hardly recognizes the dragon race anymore. The old dragon lord's body is frail and broken, and he is locked away by Lucan Grimoire for the safety and security of the world. But his thirst for revenge has only grown stronger. Dark dreams of escaping so that he can get his revenge against the dragons that betrayed him. Nothing will stop him. But the world outside his cage is stranger and deadlier than Dark ever imagined. Old Evil is the second book the epic fantasy series The Last Dragon Lord.


Author: Shayne Silvers
Publisher: Feathers & Fire
ISBN: 9781947709188
Size: 46.21 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 3178
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If you want to get to Heaven, you've got to raise a little Hell¿Callie Penrose is struggling to find her special purpose in life. Rather than allying with any of the powerful supernatural groups begging to sign her up-the Vatican, the vampires, the shifters, or the Armies of both Heaven and Hell-Callie has been picking fights with all of them.But when she's abducted by a Host of Angels, and a Greater Demon begins hunting her through the daytime streets of Kansas City, Callie learns that her past has come back to haunt her.Thanks to her actions in recent months, Solomon's Temple has been opened, and the estate sale is on a first-come, first-served basis.To win her birthright, Callie is going to need Cain's help. Even then, she's going to have to cut some corners, cross some lines, to take a bite out of an apple¿But they say every Saint was once a Sinner¿If you like KF Breene, Shannon Mayer, CN Crawford, Ilona Andrews, Faith Hunter, or Patricia Briggs, you will LOVE the FIFTH installment of the Feathers and Fire Series.

Fire The Sky

Author: W. Michael and Kathleen O'Neal Gear
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439167079
Size: 36.28 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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New York Times bestselling novelists W. Michael and Kathleen O’Neal Gear have long been considered the foremost chroniclers of early Native American life. Now, in a critically acclaimed, sweeping new series, they recreate the conflict-filled years following one of the first European invasions. Seen through the eyes of a courageous pair of Native Americans, Fire the Sky follows Hernando de Soto’s brutal expedition north from the Florida peninsula as the explorer plunders the heart of a complex and fragile civilization. An itinerant trader and outcast from his tribe, Black Shell was swept into the Spirit World and returned a transformed man. Now, carrying his white-feathered trader’s staff, he devotes his life to a sacred mission that only the tall, beautiful Pearl Hand—his lover, confidant and wife—truly understands. Black Shell has seen what the incomprehensibly violent, shining-armored invaders are capable of doing to his world and knows that if his people are to survive, he and his “Orphans,” a small band of fierce warriors, must kill as many Kristianos as they can. After being fought to a standstill by the courageous Apalachee Nation, de Soto has changed his tactics. He will employ promises of peace to accomplish what cannot be achieved by violence alone. Lured by a young man’s tale of gold and aided by an arrogant princess’s treachery, he makes his way through the beautiful southeastern landscape. One by one, the ancient Nations fall victim to his lies as rulers and commoners alike are tricked into enslavement. In spite of the price de Soto has placed on his head, Black Shell shadows the Kristiano advance and finds that his own legend precedes him. Some will heed Black Shell’s strategies of sacrifice and deception. Others will ignore him—and suffer unspeakable horrors as a result. In this moving, vivid portrait of a lost American civilization and a powerful love between a man and a woman, the Gears illuminate a little-understood time in our history, as this bloody conflict between two peoples hurtles toward an apocalyptic battle that may change the course of the war forever. . . .

Feathers In The Fire

Author: Catherine Cookson
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 0552156779
Size: 80.98 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 3739
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Will power overcome evil, or destroy innocence?