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Author: Expert Book Reviews
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WARNING: This is not the actual book The Atlantis Plague by A.G. Riddle. Do not buy this Review if you are looking for a full copy of this great book. One of the major strengths of the The Atlantis Plague is the in-depth explanation of scientific advances, especially those related to genetics, which are laid out in great detail. This expert review of The Atlantis Plague offers the reader a guide for following the thought-provoking science, technology, and history that lays the foundation for the action. Overpopulation and the threat of a pandemic are very real and make the events in this novel plausible. In addition, A.G. Riddle poses (and answers) those age-old questions: Where do we come from? Why are we here? What makes us who we are? Riddle doesn't answer all of the questions completely, however, and he closes The Atlantis Plague hinting that there will be more to follow. Because of events set in motion 70,000 years ago, in The Atlantis Plague, Kate is the only person able to solve the mystery surrounding The Atlantis Gene and salvage the fate of the human race. To do so, she must travel across Europe to northern Africa and Antarctica while tracing the origins of the plague through human history and past events, a journey easier for the reader to trace with this review of The Atlantis Plague. After journeying so far for the sake of mankind, Kate discovers shocking secrets about herself and her own past.

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WARNING: This is not the actual book The Atlantis Plague by A.G. Riddle. Do not buy this reading Sidekick if you are looking for a full copy of this great book.This sidekick of The Atlantis Plague explores the dynamic interaction of key characters as the reader constantly watches struggles, deaths, resurrections, and sexual encounters through all 98 chapters. The Atlantis Plague will not disappoint Riddle fans, and it will appeal to any reader who enjoys plenty of action and a quickly moving plot. This sidekick traces the two major themes, history repeating itself and people as machines lacking humanity, through the sometimes convoluted plot of The Atlantis Plague.As the second installment in The Origin Mystery Series, The Atlantis Plague continues the story A.G. Riddle began in The Atlantis Gene. Geneticist Dr. Kate Warner is humanity's last hope for survival. The hoped-for cure for the Atlantis Plague, Orchid, has failed. Those who survive are either evolved, lacking emotions but with increased intelligence and physical strength, or devolved, vegetative and weakened intellectually and physically. The Immari are invading Europe, martial law is in force, and a billion people have died from the plague in the last 24 hours. Kate is blamed for a pandemic and must battle powerful pharmaceutical corporations and an alien culture while saving her own life, as well as those of her father and the man she loves.

The Atlantis Plague

Author: A.G. Riddle
Publisher: Head of Zeus
ISBN: 1784970107
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EXTINCTION BECKONS. A pandemic unlike any before it is sweeping the globe. Nearly a billion people are already dead – and those the Plague doesn't kill, it transforms at the genetic level. As chaos engulfs the world, the Immari emerge. A clandestine cabal that has spent millennia planning for this moment, the Immari want the Plague to run its course, envisioning a world populated by genetically superior survivors – survivors they can control for their own purposes... With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, geneticist Kate Warner searches for a cure to the Plague. Her journey takes her across the new wastelands of Europe and northern Africa, but it's her research into the past that takes her where she never expected to go...

Confronting Contagion

Author: Melvin Santer
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199356378
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Throughout history, humankind's working theories regarding the cause of infectious disease have shifted drastically, as cultures developed their philosophic, religious, and scientific beliefs. Plagues that were originally attributed to the wrath of the gods were later described as having nothing to do with the gods, though the cause continued to be a mystery. As centuries passed, medical and religious theorists proposed reasons such as poor air quality or the configuration of the planets as causes for the spread of disease. In every instance, in order to understand the origin of a disease theory during a specific period of history, one must understand that culture's metaphysical beliefs. In Confronting Contagion, Melvin Santer traces a history of disease theory all the way from Classical antiquity to our modern understanding of viruses. Chapters focus on people and places like the Pre-Socratic Philosophers, Galen and the emergence of Christianity in Rome, the Black Death in fourteenth-century Europe, cholera and puerperal sepsis in the nineteenth century, and other periods during which our understanding of the cause of disease was transformed. The cause of contagious disease was demonstrated to be a general biological phenomenon; there are contagious diseases of plants, animals, and bacteria, with causes identical to causes of human diseases. These issues are uniquely included in this book. In each case, Santer identifies the key thinkers who helped form the working disease theories of the time. The book features many excerpts from primary sources, from the Hippocratic Corpus to the writings of twentieth-century virologists, creating an authentic synthesis of the Western world's intellectual and religious attitude toward disease throughout history.

Atlantis And The Ten Plagues Of Egypt

Author: Graham Phillips
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1591438594
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Shows how a desecrated tomb in the Valley of the Kings holds the key to the true history of the destruction of Atlantis • Reveals that Tomb 55 in the Valley of the Kings was designed not to keep intruders out, but to trap something inside • Provides forensic evidence proving that the mask believed to be the face of Tutankhamun is actually that of his elder brother Smenkhkare In Atlantis and the Ten Plagues of Egypt, Graham Phillips explores the excavation of a mysterious and ritually desecrated tomb in the Valley of the Kings, Tomb 55, which he contends holds the key to the true history of the destruction of Atlantis. Unlike other Egyptian tombs designed to keep intruders out, Tomb 55 was constructed to keep something imprisoned within, specifically Smenkhkare, the older brother of Tutankhamun who was deemed responsible for the ten plagues in Egyptian history, to prevent such tragedies from ever happening again. The forensic findings from this tomb coupled with compelling new evidence from the polar ice caps provide sensational evidence that the parting of the Red Sea, the deaths of the first born, and the other plagues that afflicted Egypt were all actual historical events. Core samples from the polar ice caps indicate that a gigantic volcanic eruption took place in the eastern Mediterranean around the time of Amonhotep’s reign. Other research suggests this to have been the time of the eruption that destroyed the Greek island of Thera, one of the likely locations of Atlantis, and that the subsequent cataclysm may explain the unusual lack of resistance to the new religion installed by Amonhotep’s son, Akhenaten, when he took power several years later.

Onward Voyager

Author: Chuck Wendig
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062442279
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Read samples of Harper Voyager's great science fiction, fantasy, and horror offerings! Featuring an introduction by Chuck Wendig. Excerpts include: ZER0ES by Chuck Wendig A CRUCIBLE OF SOULS by Mitchell Hogan DEPARTURE by AG Riddle STAR CARRIER: DEEP TIME by Ian Douglas SHADOW OF EMPIRE by Jay Allan THE DIABOLICAL MISS HYDE by Viola Carr THE DAY BEFORE by Liana Brooks POSITIVE by David Wellington GLORY MAIN by Henry V. O'Neil BEYOND REDEMPTION by Michael R. Fletcher STONEHILL DOWNS by Sarah Remy MASTER SERGEANT by Mel Odom KILLING PRETTY by Richard Kadrey DARK ALCHEMY by Laura Bickle APEX by Aer-ki Jyr DESERT RISING by Kelley Grant THE DROWNING GOD by James Kendley VEILED EMPIRE by Nathan Garrison LUNATIONS by J.J. Gadd HORIZON by Keith Stevenson

Obituaries In The Performing Arts 2013

Author: Harris M. Lentz III
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 0786476656
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Obituaries of performers and filmmakers, musicians and producers, dancers and composers, writers and others associated with the performing arts who died in 2013 can be found in this comprehensive reference work. For each, the date, place, and cause of death are provided, along with a career recap. Filmographies are given for film and television performers, and many photographs are included. Books in this annual series are available dating to 1994, and a subscription plan is available for future issues.