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The Book Of Awakening

Author: Mark Nepo
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 085738693X
Size: 51.49 MB
Format: PDF
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The Book of Awakening provides small doses of what really matters: simple truths and stories from everyday lives, plus inspiration from the great wisdom traditions. Each day's entry is accompanied by commonplace yet profound practices, designed to help us live the life we want by being present to the life we have. For, in the words of St Francis of Assisi, 'You are that which you are seeking.' A daily guide for authentic living in hard times, The Book of Awakening is a book to keep your head high, your heart open and your feet on the ground. 'It is true,' Nepo writes, 'If you can't see what you're looking for, see what's there. It's enough.'

Poetry Therapy

Author: Nicholas Mazza
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 131760699X
Size: 51.35 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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For decades, poetry therapy has been formally recognized as a valuable form of treatment, and it has been proven effective worldwide with a diverse group of clients. The second edition of Poetry Therapy, written by a pioneer and leader in the field, updates the only integrated poetry therapy practice model with a host of contemporary issues, including the use of social media and slam/performance poetry. It’s a truly invaluable resource for any serious practitioner, educator, or researcher interested in poetry therapy, bibliotherapy, writing, and healing, or the broader area of creative/expressive arts therapies.

Think Like A Publisher

Author: Randy Davila
Publisher: Hierophant Publishing
ISBN: 193828917X
Size: 76.57 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Straight Talk from a Publisher The publishing world has changed! An explosion in printed books, E-books, and self-publishing has contributed to more new titles coming to market than ever before. With so much happening, how does a new author stand out from the crowd? Not to mention turn a profit. In Think Like a Publisher: 33 Essential Tips to Write, Promote, and Sell Your Book, Randy Davila, President of Hampton Roads Publishing & Hierophant Publishing, explains the nuances of the publishing industry in plain English, and gives authors all the tools necessary to be successful in today’s rapidly changing publishing world. Broken down into three easy to follow categories of Editorial, Marketing, and Business specific tips, Think Like a Publisher offers invaluable insight into how publishers think about manuscripts, marketing, and their partnership with the author. You will also learn: What publishers (and readers!) look for in a manuscript The most common new author writing mistakes—and how to avoid them The makings of a great book title and cover The pros and cons of self-publishing vs. traditional publishing How to build your author platform and gain a following The ins and outs of the business side of publishing—contracts, royalties, agents, and more! For any writer who has felt intimidated by the prospect of bringing a book into the world, Think Like a Publisher offers a one-stop guide to understanding the publishing industry and what it takes to make your book a success!

The Endless Practice

Author: Mark Nepo
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476774676
Size: 68.54 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Poet, philosopher, and cancer survivor Mark Nepo has been breaking a path of spiritual inquiry for more than forty years. In his latest book, the #1 New York Times bestselling author “writes reflectively and poetically about the lifelong spiritual journey” (Publishers Weekly). Called one of the finest spiritual guides of our time, Nepo explores what it means to become our truest self as we face life’s challenges—as well as its joys. Navigating some of the soul’s deepest, most ancient questions, he asks: How do we stay vital and buoyant amid the storms of life? What is the secret to coming alive? The soul’s journey is inevitable, and no matter where we go we can’t escape this foundational truth: What’s in the way is the way. As Nepo writes, “The point of experience is not to escape life but to live it.” Featured on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday program, and a key presenter in Oprah’s nationwide The Life You Want Weekend Tour, Nepo inspires each of us to discover who we were born to be. Like his bestselling The Book of Awakening, The Endless Practice is filled with insights and stories, guidance and practice that will bring you closer to living life to the fullest.

Wild Women Wild Voices

Author: Judy Reeves
Publisher: New World Library
ISBN: 160868296X
Size: 74.20 MB
Format: PDF
View: 653
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Write to Celebrate, Heal, and Free the Wild Woman Within In her years as a writing coach, Judy Reeves has found twin urges in women: they yearn to reclaim a true nature that resides below the surface of daily life and to give it voice. The longing to express this wild, authentic nature is what informs Reeves’s most popular workshop and now this workshop in a book. Here, you will explore the stages that make up your life, from wild child, daughter/sister/mother, and loves and lovers, to creative work, friendships, and how the wise woman encounters death. Both intuitive and practical, Wild Women, Wild Voices responds to women’s deep need for expression with specific and inspiring activities, exercises, and writing prompts. With true empathy, Reeves invites, instructs, and celebrates the authentic expression — even the howl — of the wild in every woman.


Author: 법륜스님 Ven. Pomnyun Sunim
Publisher: 정토출판
ISBN: 8985961993
Size: 63.11 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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<깨달음 –내눈뜨기> 영문판, 출간 후회없는 인생을 위하여! 다시 새로운 출발! <스님의 주례사>, <엄마수업>, <기도> 등으로 행복하게 사는 법을 전하는 법륜 스님이 <깨달음-내눈뜨기>의 영문판 를 출간했다 많은 사람들이 지금 이 순간에 깨어 있다는 것이 어떤 의미인지, 왜 그래야 하는지 알지 못한채 마음의 눈을 감고 습관처럼 세월을 보낸다. 법륜 스님은 누구나 자신이 서 있는 그 자리에서 자유로운 삶, 행복한 삶을 누릴 수 있으며, 그러기 위해서는 ‘내 눈을 뜨는 것’이 먼저라고 말한다.< 깨달음>은 지금 ‘깨어있음’에 대해 관념적이고 철학적인 말 대신 구체적이고 생생한 현실의 언어로 가르침을 전한다. 짤막한 일화들을 통해 지금까지의 내 삶과 현재의 나를 들여다볼 수 있는 깊은 성찰의 시간을 갖게 한다. 스님의 가르침을 따라 자기 내면의 들여다보고 지금 이 순간 깨어 있는 연습을 통해 우리는 가치 있는 인생이 무엇인지 바르게 인식할 수 있게 된다. 헛된 삶이 무엇인지 그때서야 비로소 알게 되는 것이다. 그것을 바르게 인식할 때 그동안의 헛된 삶을 버리고 가치 있는 삶, 행복한 삶을 살아가게 된다. 이제까지의 삶은 연습이다. 지금부터 새로운 인생의 출발이다! 스님들이 먼저 읽고 권하는 책으로 널리 알려진 『기도』를 통해 자기변화 방법을 일러주었던 법륜 스님. 이제 스님이 지금 이 순간에 충실한 삶에 대해 이야기한다. 많 은 사람들이 지나간 과거에 매달리거나 아직 오지 않은 미래를 상상하며 두려워한다. 현재를 살고 싶지 않아서 그렇다기보다는 이 순간에 깨어 있다는 것이 어떤 의미인지, 왜 그래야 하는지 알지 못한채 마음의 눈을 감고 습관처럼 세월을 보내는 것이다. 그러고는 세상이 어둡다고, 행복하지 않다고 아우성이다. 법륜 스님은 이 순간 행복하지 않다면 무엇보다 ‘내 눈을 뜨는 것’이 먼저라고 말한다. 지금 ‘깨어있음’에 대해 관념적이고 철학적인 말 대신 구체적이고 생생한 현실의 언어로 가르침을 전한다. 순간순간 즐겁고, 돌아봐도 즐거운 삶을 선택해 살아야 한다 지 난날을 돌아보면 자랑스럽고 만족스러울 때는 언제였는가? 내 자신을 위했던 때인가, 아니면 내가 조금 어렵더라도 가족을 돕고 친구를 돕고 남을 도왔던 때인가? 남에게 도움이 될 때가 오히려 더 자랑스럽고 뿌듯한 일로 남아 있지 않은지. 결국 그러한 일이 결과적으로 나에게도 더 이롭지 않았는지. 법륜 스님은 짤막한 일화들을 통해 지금까지의 내 삶과 현재의 나를 들여다볼 수 있는 깊은 성찰의 시간을 갖게 한다. 스님의 가르침을 따라 자기 내면의 들여다보고 지금 이 순간 깨어 있는 연습을 통해 우리는 가치 있는 인생이 무엇인지 바르게 인식할 수 있게 된다. 헛된 삶이 무엇인지 그때서야 비로소 알게 되는 것이다. 그것을 바르게 인식할 때 그동안의 헛된 삶을 버리고 가치 있는 삶, 행복한 삶을 살아가게 된다. 지금 여기서 ‘내 눈을 뜨는 것’이 절실한 까닭이다. 감았던 눈을 뜨고, 무엇이 헛되고 무엇이 가치 있는 삶인지 바르게 알 때, 우리는 비로소 세상을 위해 불을 밝히는 노력을 할 수 있다. 이것이 상구보리 하화중생, 붓다가 오래전에 우리에게 전한 가르침이라는 것을 이 책은 깨닫게 해준다. 누구나 눈 뜨면 세상이 밝다 “스님은 무슨 부처님 깊은 가르침은 얘기하지 않고 인생 상담이나 하고, 그저 웃고 야단만 치고 그럽니까, 사람들은 얘기하지만 그렇지 않습니다. 여러분이 원리에 어긋나는 것을 계속 고집하면 스님이 야단을 하는 겁니다. 깨라고. 깨어서 사물을 보라고 말입니다. 행복은 늘 봄볕 들 듯이 나한테 들어 있는데 내가 눈을 감고 있거나, 내가 응달에 있으면서 세상이 어둡다, 세상이 춥다고 아우성치는 것과 같습니다. 눈 뜨면 누구에게나 세상은 밝습니다.” _법륜 스님 Foreword 1. Freedom from Existence - Where Are You at This Very Moment? 14 - Nothing Is Inherently Right or Wrong 19 - One Bowl of Rice 23 - Freedom from Existence 26 - At This Moment 30 - Be Happy with Yourself 34 - Repentance 37 - Obstacles That Hinder Practice 42 - Seeing with an Empty Mind 45 2. Your Life Is Already in Front of You - Prayer 50 - Have You Ever Seen a Stone Float on Water? 54 - The Principle of Cause, Condition, and Effect 57 - Interconnectedness of Every Existence in the World 60 - Good Causes and Conditions, Bad Causes and Conditions 63 - Your Life Is Already in Front of You 67 - Only Wash Hands When You Wash Hands Only Eat When You Eat 71 3. The Path to Enlightenment - The Path to Enlightenment 76 - Practice in Name Only 78 - It Is You Who Makes Someone into a Teacher 81 - Things as They Are 84 - Reflect on the Past and Look at the Present from the Perspective of the Future 89 - Why Love Turns into Hatred or Sorrow 95 4. Those Who Influence Others - Those Who Are Easily Influenced by Negative Conditions 100 - Those Who Are Not Influenced Because They Distance Themselves from External Conditions 104 - Those Who Are Not Influenced by External Conditions 108 - Those Who Influence Their Surroundings 112 - True Freedom 118 - Like Water, Like Wind 120 - Nothing to Be Attained 126 5. People · World · Nature - Pure Land 132 - Future World 135 - The World, Beautiful Just the Way It Is 138 - Awareness Revolution 142 - Pure Mind, Good Friends, and Clean Land 147 - Returning to the Fundamental Teachings of the Buddha 153 - Cultivators of Pure Land 157 In Closing the Book 160 About the Author 162

Wake Up A Mid Life Challenge

Author: Roy C. Richards
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 1598582097
Size: 37.92 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 4619
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Renewal for Men and Women In Their Thirties, Forties, Fifties and Beyond Are you among the millions of North Americans over age thirty-five burdened down by unfulfilled dreams, diminished expectations, an irrational fear of tomorrow and a stressful, uninspiring daily routine? Is your life at mid-stream far less than you had intended it to be? Our book, A Mid-Life Challenge-Wake Up!, was written to restore joy, reestablish positive expectations and return a spirit of adventure to your life! Almost by accident, the author awakened in the year 2000 to a highly positive realization: persons in their middle years need not abandon dreams of a fulfilling career, mutually beneficial personal relationships and a prosperous lifestyle precisely on their own terms. Indeed for most, middle age is an ideal time to reassess the present, creatively plan for the future and take control over life's direction. Unlike the author, readers need not endure thirty long years of "sleepwalking through life" or rely upon a once-in-a-lifetime chance inspiration. Based upon personal experience and observation of successful renewal "graduates," the author lays out a comprehensive step-by-step blueprint to reinvigorate life at mid-stream. This book will inspire any middle-aged woman or man earnestly committed to restoring positive emotions and reentering life's mainstream beginning this very day. The author Roy Richards is a motivational speaker and consultant and co-founder of the Middle Age Renewal Training Institute (MART.) His stated mission is to revitalize the life experience for dispirited men and women over age thirty-five. A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota with a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Chicago, the author spent seventeen years climbing the corporate ladder with four major U. S. corporations. For the past fifteen years, he has thrived as a small business owner and entrepreneur. The author and his wife Gloria reside in Clive, Iowa, a suburb of Des Moines and are parents of two grown children, Kristen and Geoffrey. They share their home with an energetic English Springer Spaniel named Chips.