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The Dilemma Of The Moral Curriculum In A Chinese Secondary School

Author: Hongping Annie Nie
Publisher: University Press of America
ISBN: 1461689902
Size: 78.78 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Despite the implementation of numerous reform policies, moral education in China remains problematic. This study presents a student perspective on the dilemma of the moral education curriculum in a Chinese secondary school.

School Music Education And Social Change In Mainland China Hong Kong And Taiwan

Author: Wai-chung Ho
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004189173
Size: 72.16 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book compares, from a historical and sociopolitical perspective, the respective systems and contents of music education in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan in response to globalization, localization and Sinificiation, with particular reference to Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taipei.

China S Modernization Ii

Author: Gerhard Preyer
Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand
ISBN: 3738641645
Size: 71.79 MB
Format: PDF
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The idea of only one way leading to a modern society seems to be hardly tenable. But even if we agree to this, our theories and terms describing modernization are gained on our own Western history. So social science has to reconsider its basic terms to describe China’s modernization, and maybe even the understanding of modernization itself. The second of two volumes on China’s modernization collects articles by leading Chinese and Western scientists focusing on the main conflicts and differences this process involves. In the first section – “On Contemporary Theory of Modernization” – Manussos Marangudakis represents Shmuel N. Eisenstadt’s concept of “Multiple Modernities and the Theory of Indeterminacy”, one of the best elaborated perspectives on modernity. “Changing China: Dealing with Diversity”, the second section, examines how China copes with dissent and discusses the significance of law and a civil society. Merle Goldman begins with “Dissent of China’s Public Intellectuals in the Post-Mao Era”. The “Modernization of Law in China – its Meaning, Achievements, Obstacles and Prospect” is the subject of Qingbo Zhang. Scott Wilson presents a Gramscian analysis of civil society in “China’s State in the Trenches”. And Francis Schortgen and Shalendra Sharma study how China is “Manufacturing Dissent: Domestic and International Ramifications of China’s Summer of Labor Unrest”. “Neoliberalism and the Changes in East Asian Welfare and Education” is the focus of the third section. Beatriz Carrillo Garcia investigates the “Business Opportunities and Philanthropic Initiatives” in China. “Time, Politics and Homelessness in Contemporary Japan” is the subject of Ritu Vij. Different school books show the “Educational Modernisation Across the Taiwan Straits” by David C. Schak. And Ho-fung Hung discusses the role of China in globalization following the question: “Is China Saving Global Capitalism from the Global Cri-sis?” The additional rubric “On Contemporary Philosophy” involves three articles about “International Development, Paradox and Phronesis” by Robert Kowalski, “The World in the Head” by Robert Cummins, and “Communication, Cooperation and Conflict” by Steffen Borge. Content and abstracts:

Educating The Chinese Individual

Author: Mette Halskov Hansen
Publisher: University of Washington Press
ISBN: 0295805439
Size: 72.88 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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In twenty-first-century China, socialist educational traditions have given way to practices that increasingly emphasize the individual. This volume investigates that trend, drawing on Hansen's fieldwork in a rural high school in Zhejiang where students, teachers, and officials of different generations, genders, and social backgrounds form what is essentially a miniature version of Chinese society. Hansen paints a complex picture of the emerging “neosocialist” educational system and shows how individualization of students both challenges and reinforces state control of society.

Urban Schools And English Language Education In Late Modern China

Author: Miguel Pérez-Milans
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134103468
Size: 64.84 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Shortlisted for the 2014 BAAL Book Prize This book explores the meaning of modernization in contemporary Chinese education. It examines the implications of the implementation of reforms in English language education for experimental-urban schools in the People’s Republic of China. Pérez-Milans sheds light on how national, linguistic, and cultural ideologies linked to modernization are being institutionally (re)produced, legitimated, and inter-personally negotiated through everyday practice in the current context of Chinese educational reforms. He places special emphasis on those reforms regarding English language education, with respect to the economic processes of globalization that are shaping (and being shaped by) the contemporary Chinese nation-state. In particular, the book analyzes the processes of institutional categorization of the "good experimental school", the "good student", and the "appropriate knowledge" that emerge from the daily discursive organization of those schools, with special attention to the related contradictions, uncertainties and dilemmas. Thus, it provides an account of the on-going cultural processes of change faced by contemporary Chinese educational institutions under conditions of late modernity. Winner of The University of Hong Kong's Faculty Early Career Research Output Award for outstanding book publication, by the Faculty of Education

China S English

Author: Bob Adamson
Publisher: Hong Kong University Press
ISBN: 9789622096639
Size: 52.89 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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This book traces the history of English education in the People's Republic of China from 1949 to the present day. It uses the junior secondary school curriculum as the means to examine how English curriculum developers and textbook writers have confronted the shifting ambiguities and dilemmas over five distinct historical periods. The study of the processes of curriculum development and the products such as syllabi and textbooks offers insights into the construction of an 'official' English, as well as what was considered as acceptable content in English. This book addresses fundamental and significant questions concerning the English promoted in China, namely its characteristics; its changes over time and explanations for such changes; and the kind of content that has been viewed as appropriate for textbooks. To investigate these issues, the analysis draws on qualitative and quantitative data, such as interviews with principal stakeholders and analysis of the syllabus and recommended textbooks. Specifically, it looks at the choice and organization of linguistic components, and the orientation and messages of the curriculum.

Discourses On The Education Of China

Author: Zhu Yongxin
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 0071847405
Size: 12.99 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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“In this book, I try my best to contribute my observations and reflections on Chinese educational issues, to raise awareness and inspire confidence and hope.” —Zhu Yongxin As one of China’s leading experts on education, Professor Zhu Yongxin has seen schools change and grow by leaps and bounds. But with this change comes a wide range of new challenges which need to be recognized and addressed. In these insightful essays and discourses, Yongxin examines China’s past, present, and future—offering new ideas for moving forward as educators, as a community, and as a nation. You’ll discover: * The greatest achievements of modern Chinese education * The biggest problems facing the school system today * The best solutions for ensuring a brighter tomorrow Chinese education has witnessed radical changes and remarkable achievements over the past forty years. While there have been many advancements, there also have been many mistakes, leading to a growing crisis in education that needs to be fixed. Only by raising awareness of the problems and defects in the system can China build upon its past successes and create future opportunities for educational excellence. In Discourses on the Education of China, Professor Zhu Yongxin addresses these challenges head-on. Drawing from his lifelong experience as an educator, as well as his firsthand observations and illuminating insights, Yongxin tackles some of the biggest issues in education today, including: * The lack of adequate funding and school resources * The gap between eastern and western China, rural and urban schools * The devaluing of teachers and decreasing involvement of parents * The need for moral education as well as intellectual education * The wide-ranging challenges of compulsory education * The question of public versus privately run schools * The rise of the Internet and decline of reading skills * The essential keys to building a better learning environment For anyone interested in the future of education in China, this book is a powerful wake-up call. New problems demand new solutions, and the only way to achieve this is by shining a light on each problem—one by one—and searching for bold new strategies to provide the best education for the next generation. “I believe we can go beyond the plight of education and create a brilliant tomorrow,” Zhu Yongxin writes. “We must be full of hope...” Zhu Yongxin is a member of the National People’s Congress (NPC) Standing Committee, vice chairman of the China Association for Promoting Democracy (CAPD), and vice president of Chinese Society of Education (CSE). He also serves as a professor and PhD supervisor at Soochow University. A sponsor of the New Education Experiment in China, Professor Zhu has won several awards for his influential work, including “60 great contributors in China’s Education of 60 years” (2009), “30th Anniversary of Reform and Opening Up: Person of the Year in China’s Education Area” (2008), “Top 10 News Figures in China’s Reform” (2007), and “Top 10 Elites in China’s Education” (2006). Professor Zhu has published more than 400 articles on education both at home and abroad, and published over 30 books as well.