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The Ex Games

Author: J. S. Cooper
ISBN: 9781495960390
Size: 10.72 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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"What other secret is Brandon hiding? Seven years ago, Katie Raymond made a mistake that cost her the love of her life. Now, Brandon Hastings is back in her life and it seems like he is determined to make her pay for her previous mistakes. When Katie overhears a private conversation, she has no idea just how deep the secrets go. She gives, Brandon one last chance to prove his love to her, but when he violates her trust one last time, she doesn't think she can ever forgive him. But then, Brandon tells her the one thing that is guaranteed to turn her world upside down and she's not sure if her life will ever be the same again."--Page 4 of cover.

The Ex Games

Author: Bookbuddy
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781496190123
Size: 26.55 MB
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WARNING: This is not the actual book The Ex Games 3 by J. S. Cooper & Helen Cooper. Do not buy this reading Sidekick if you are looking for a full copy of this great book.This sidekick of The Ex Games 3 is especially useful, as it provides background info from the first two books in the series, while helping readers connect the three books. Unlike many books that are part of a series, this book on its own can be confusing, as very little background is offered. Without this sidekick of The Ex Games 3, you are left wondering who is who and how everyone knows each other.The major themes in The Ex Games 3 are maturity and honesty. This sidekick helps readers follow these themes through the on-again off-again relationship of Katie and Brandon. Katie was 18 and a college freshman when she first met Brandon, a 35-year-old businessman. She was too immature for their relationship to survive, and the lies they each told severed their initial bond. Their relationship only becomes healthy and complete when they both finally tell the truth.In The Ex Games 3, the result of the secrets and lies that have impacted the relationship of Brandon Hastings and Katie Raymond since they met seven years previous appear to have destroyed their relationship. Although they reconnect, the secrets and lies continue, leaving the reader to wonder whether they will make it. Katie and Brandon both narrate The Ex Games 3, and the dual-person perspective takes us into the minds of both, helping us understand the motives behind their sometimes baffling actions and decisions.

The Ex Games

Author: J. S. Cooper
ISBN: 9781495960284
Size: 66.29 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Seven years ago, Brandon Hastings and Katie Raymond had a relationship that other couples envied. They loved each other more than anything, but one lie ruined their relationship forever.Now, Brandon is the CEO of the company that Katie works for and she is finding it hard to be around him without wanting to touch him and be touched by him. Katie gives in to one moment of weakness with Brandon, and he reveals a secret that breaks her heart once again.Katie is determined that she will not let Brandon break her again and they go back in forth in a mouse and cat game that has them both wondering what's really going on. Just when Katie thinks she can take no more, one more secret is revealed that will make her question everything she ever thought she knew about Brandon Hastings.

The Psycho Ex Game

Author: Merrill Markoe
Publisher: Villard
ISBN: 0307417328
Size: 13.91 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Lisa Roberty is a successful screenwriter with an impoverished social life who’s enduring a demoralizing job at the mind-numbing sitcom You Go, Girl. Grant Repka is an obscure indie rock musician who, in his forties, finds his career surprisingly resurrected with the success of his comic operetta about the doomed romance of Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson. When Grant and Lisa meet after one of his shows, sparks don’t immediately fly—but e-mail addresses are exchanged. A my-book-for-your-CD trade and a couple of e-mails later, Lisa tells Grant that she enjoys his song “My Psycho Ex,” but warns him that where psycho-exes are concerned, she’s pretty sure she “could drink him under the table.” Little does she know that this will become the opening salvo in an epic e-mail battle dubbed the Psycho Ex Game, a storytelling competition in which horrific tales of dysfunctional love and living with lunatics are volleyed with glee. The rules are simple; the point system, unique: the experiences that would normally leave someone running for the therapist’s office (humiliation, degradation, and complicity in psychotic behavior) just might win match point in the Psycho Ex Game. Now it’s Grant vs. Lisa as the wretched tales of his ex, the Junkie Queen of Darkness, vie with the woe inflicted by her ex, a tantrum-throwing actor/director widely known as Mr. Summer Box Office Record-Holder. As the correspondence evolves, it surprises Lisa by offering her the kind of intimacy she has never shared with a man in the same room. Before long, what started as a friendly competition becomes a road map to an unlikely couple’s growing involvement, leaving both Grant and Lisa secretly wondering, “If we were to get involved, which one of us is potentially the next Psycho Ex?” Written in alternating he said/she said chapters, The Psycho Ex Game is shot through with the acerbic humor of Merrill Markoe and the mordant observations that have made Andy Prieboy a literate voice in rock. The Psycho Ex Game is a hilarious dissection of injuries sustained on the front lines of romance—and the careful nursing that gets us battleready once again. From the Hardcover edition.

Miles Riot The Complete Series

Author: Mira Bailee
Publisher: NoMi Press
Size: 54.87 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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USA TODAY Bestselling Series! Before Devon Stone met Olivia Margot, his life was a train wreck, but he wasn't the only one. Meet Miles Riot, the guitarist to the band on the rise, Tempest Ultra. The record labels are after them. The adoring fans are after them. The tabloids are after them. Abigail Clarke is a music journalist--definitely not a paparazzi rat--who's been assigned to go on tour with the band. But for this small town, Texas girl, traveling with the chaotic and reckless crew is the opposite of fun. She'd much prefer the soulful twangs of an acoustic guitar in a coffee shop to the eardrum-assaulting riffs and violent mosh pits that Tempest evokes. Good thing she's a professional. Abby's certain she'll get her story one way or another. Miles knows Abby will have plenty of drama to report. From rock star hijinks to deep, dark secrets, Abby has the power to bury this band before they're ever signed. He'll have to keep a close eye on this woman to make sure she doesn't get in the way...

Max Carrados Mysteries Complete Series In One Volume

Author: Ernest Bramah
Publisher: Musaicum Books
ISBN: 8075834186
Size: 16.53 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Max Carrados is a blind detective who makes use of his remaining senses in such a way that his blindness is often not immediately apparent to others. Carrados enjoys the excitement of revealing his explanations of mysteries through powers of perception, which in his case are heightened in positive compensation for his visual impairment. George Orwell wrote that, together with those of Conan Doyle and R. Austin Freeman, Max Carrados stories "are the only detective stories since Poe that are worth re-reading." Ernest Bramah (1868-1942) was an English author. He published numerous thriller books, detective stories and supernatural tales, creating the characters Kai Lung and Max Carrados. Bramah's detective stories were ranked with Conan Doyle, his politico-science fiction with H. G. Wells and his supernatural stories with Algernon Blackwood. Table of Contents: Max Carrados The Coin of Dionysius The Knight's Cross Signal Problem The Tragedy at Brookbend Cottage The Clever Mrs. Straithwaite The Last Exploit Of Harry the Actor The Tilling Shaw Mystery The Comedy at Fountain Cottage The Game Played In the Dark The Eyes of Max Carrados The Virginiola Fraud The Disappearance of Marie Severe The Secret of Dunstan's Tower The Mystery of the Poisoned Dish of Mushrooms The Ghost at Massingham Mansions The Missing Actress Sensation The Ingenious Mr. Spinola The Kingsmouth Spy Case The Eastern Mystery Max Carrados Mysteries The Secret of Headlam Height The Mystery of the Vanished Petition Crown The Holloway Flat Tragedy The Curious Circumstances of the Two Left Shoes The Ingenious Mind of Mr. Rigby Lacksome The Crime at the House in Culver Street The Strange Case of Cyril Bycourt The Missing Witness Sensation The Bravo of London: A Novel

Winter S Kiss

Author: Jennifer Echols
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1442450401
Size: 17.40 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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In "The Ex Games," Hayden challenges her ex-boyfriend Nick to a snowboarding contest after he dismisses her victory, and in "The Twelve Dates of Christmas," Lexi is bored with her boyfriend, Cam, so she sets him up with another girl.

Stealing The Network The Complete Series Collector S Edition Final Chapter And Dvd

Author: Johnny Long
Publisher: Syngress
ISBN: 9780080949208
Size: 58.87 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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"Stealing the Network: How to Own the Box is a unique book in the fiction department. It combines stories that are fictional, with technology that is real. While none of the stories have happened, there is no reason why they could not. You could argue it provides a road map for criminal hackers, but I say it does something else: it provides a glimpse into the creative minds of some of today’s best hackers, and even the best hackers will tell you that the game is a mental one." – from the Foreword to the first Stealing the Network book, How to Own the Box, Jeff Moss, Founder & Director, Black Hat, Inc. and Founder of DEFCON For the very first time the complete Stealing the Network epic is available in an enormous, over 1000 page volume complete with the final chapter of the saga and a DVD filled with behind the scenes video footage! These groundbreaking books created a fictional world of hacker superheroes and villains based on real world technology, tools, and tactics. It is almost as if the authors peered into the future as many of the techniques and scenarios in these books have come to pass. This book contains all of the material from each of the four books in the Stealing the Network series. All of the stories and tech from: How to Own the Box How to Own a Continent How to Own an Identity How to Own a Shadow Plus: Finally - find out how the story ends! The final chapter is here! A DVD full of behind the scenes stories and insider info about the making of these cult classics! * Now for the first time the entire series is one 1000+ page book * The DVD contains 20 minutes of behind the scenes footage * Readers will finally learn the fate of "Knuth" in the much anticipated Final Chapter

Called Out But Safe

Author: Al Clark
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 0803254962
Size: 35.87 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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If an umpire could steal the show in a Major League game, Al Clark might well have been the one to do it. Tough but fair, in his thirty years as a professional umpire he took on some of baseball’s great umpire baiters, such as Earl Weaver, Billy Martin, and Dick Williams, while ejecting any number of the game’s elite—once tearing a hamstring in the process. He was the first Jewish umpire in American League history, and probably the first to eject his own father from the officials’ dressing room. But whatever Clark was doing—officiating at Nolan Ryan’s three hundredth win, Cal Ripken’s record breaker, or the “earthquake” World Series of 1989, or braving a labor dispute, an anti-Semitic tirade by a Cy Young Award winner, or a legal imbroglio—it makes for a good story. Called Out but Safe is Clark’s outspoken and often hilarious account of his life in baseball from umpire school through the highlights to the inglorious end of his stellar career. Not just a source of baseball history and lore, Clark’s book also affords a rare look at what life is like for someone who works for the Major Leagues’ other team.