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The Fraternity

Author: John Fitzgerald Molloy
Publisher: Paragon House
Size: 12.85 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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As lawyer and judge for half a century, John Fitzgerald Molloy both profited from our legal system and saw how it has been altered in favor of lawyers, to the detriment of society. He shows that the legal profession has continuously re-shaped the law, in subtle but significant ways, to make legal services ever more necessary--and more lucrative for the Fraternity. The power the Fraternity now exercises, including the power to decide President Bush over Gore, has been accomplished by creating a new religion, that of worshiping the Constitution in ways the founders did not intend--with lawyers and judges the priests of that new religion. Molloy demonstrates terrible deficiencies in our legal system and presents practical solutions.

Survival Of The Slickest

Author: Gene Louis
Publisher: Citizen Control Publishing
ISBN: 0977399400
Size: 80.22 MB
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An analysis of injustices that result from a privately owned, profit-oriented legal monopoly. Discussion focuses on how customers must navigate through a convoluted web of abstractions for a chance to determine if there is any justice within its flawed structure. Suggestions include methods for average Americans to launch a new legal system without the current legal professionals. Economic resources that are recovered can be the basis of an economic boom. Original.

Immune System

Author: Virgil Langley
ISBN: 1430302127
Size: 38.46 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A defendant in a civil action after a failed real estate transaction, Virgil Langley became the victim of fraud permitted and encouraged by the courts of Arizona. Langley shares his experiences in Immune System: In Search of a Court of Law. The legal system disfavors the likes of Virgil Langley and thwarts his continuing discovery of deception, false evidence, malpractice, concealment, and judicial misconduct. His claims of legal malpractice and abuse of process are before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. The pending appeal was assigned to a screening panel July 31, 2006. There are numerous twists and legal maneuvering by the opposition as Langley seeks to have his case re-opened, and then files a suit in diversity in the U.S. District Court of Arizona. Langley, a resident of Nevada, now proceeds pro se.

Dare To Say It

Author: Michael Der Manouel, Sr
Publisher: Page Publishing Inc
ISBN: 1642142387
Size: 35.76 MB
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This book is an examination of where I and many people think we are going directionally as a country and feel that we finally have a leader in President Trump, who will not be intimidated or forced to abandon his beliefs by being bullied and intimidated by the liberal left, who have forced many of us to alter our beliefs. It is time for someone to speak out and be politically incorrect and dare to say what is in our hearts regarding issues of our school system, the corrupt legal system, legislation passed to force us to radically accept the LGBT community as a normal way of life, and the failure of Congress to pass legislation to efficiently allow legal immigrants into this country without being a burden on the American taxpayer. The book also talks about the cesspool we call Hollywood. Perhaps the most compelling part of the book is the indisputable arrogance of the Democrats, who seem to favor any behavior to justify crime as a product of society and their clear disdain for law enforcement and freedom of speech unless freedom of speech is approved by their liberal beliefs. The time has come for those who believe in a society free of dependency on government and entitlements to begin. Let’s start with ridding ourselves of criminals and closing our borders to incoming thugs and gang members who are terrorizing our people, down with trying to turn our country into another socialist failure with having a redistribution of wealth.

Corruption In Africa

Author: Peter Anassi
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1412034795
Size: 60.48 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Corruption, as a social science, has been mystified and even ignored for many generations. Not many people would like to talk about this subject, openly and transparently. Now, it is becoming a subject of great concern, not only in the developing nations but also in the developed world. The subject has impacted so negatively in our social, economic and political life, that we can no longer keep quiet about it. Corruption is eroding the moral values of many nations and consigning many people to perpetual poverty and deprivation. To me this is a subject that is becoming more important and critical than even civics and geography in schools. It is a subject that touches and affects the morality of nations. I have a passionate concern, that, if we in Africa want to make Africa a better place to live in, then we must address this subject with the seriousness it deserves. Like any other social science, this subject should be introduced in our schools, and colleges, so that our young people, could be made acutely aware of the evils of this vice, and how it could be eradicated from our society. If this is done, our future generations will live in a much better society than we are today. There should also be programmes in place, organized by the civil society, and other agencies to educate the masses about the consequences of corruption in society. I do, however, appreciate that without available materials, my propositions could not be feasible. This book therefore, is intended to form a good source of Civic Education Material into Corruption in Africa and more specifically, in Kenya. The book has been written with those educational objectives, specifically in mind. It is the intention of this book to show that corruption poses a serious challenge in terms of the economic, political and social development in the AfricanContinent. Corruption undermines democratic institutions and good governance in the political landscape. It reduces accountability and negates representation and policymaking in the electoral process. It abrogates the rule of law in the judiciary. Corruption also encourages nepotism resulting into unequal provision of resources to the population in the public sector. The book further endeavours to show, that corruption undermines the legitimacy of government, and such democratic values as human rights, respect for therule of law, trust and tolerance. Corruption also does undermine economic development by advancing narrow and selfish economic policies and incompetence, in the delivery of services to the people. This book seeks to analyze, how corruption in public institutions, has squandered the national wealth, and impoverished the people. There is also a critical analysis on bureaucratic corruption, and how the public officers achieve their objectives, by diverting public investment away from social and people friendly projects, such as poverty reduction, education, health and housing, into capital projects, simply to attract bribes for individual benefits. The book examines institutional corruption in various departments of government, including the Police, Judiciary, Public Works, Immigration, Revenue Authority, Lands, Local Government and many other public institutions. The book also examines corruption in the public and private sectors, including public corporations, political banks, educational institutions and how the general public, have also contributed to the vice. The book further, examines corruption in other African countries, and makes, useful comparisons. It goes on to deal with measures that are being put in place,both in Kenya, and other African countries to fight corruption nationally, and internationally. The Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Act, and the Public Servants Ethics Act that the Kenya Government, has put in place are discussed in some detail. The role of civil society and other organizations like Transparency International, and the media in the fight against corr

A Turbulent Voyage

Author: Floyd Windom Hayes
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9780939693528
Size: 27.61 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This anthology is designed to introduce the reader to the contours and content of African American Studies. The text and readings included here not only impart information but seek as their foremost goal to precipitate in the reader an awareness of the complex and changing character of the African American experience--its origins, developments, and future challenges. The book aims to engage readers in the critical analysis of a broad spectrum of subjects, themes, and issues--ancient and medieval Africa, Western European domination and African enslavement, resistance to oppression, African American expressive culture, family and educational policies, economic and political matters, and the importance of ideas. The materials included in this anthology comprise a discussion of some of the fundamental problems and prospects related to the African American experience that deserve attention in a course in African American Studies. African American Studies is a broad field concerned with the examination of the black experience, both historically and presently. Hence, the subjects, themes, and issues included in this text transcend the narrow confines of traditional academic disciplinary boundaries. In selecting materials for this book, Floyd W. Hayes was guided by a developmental or historical approach in the general compilation of each section's readings. By doing so, the author hopes that the reader will be enabled to arrive at a critical understanding of the conditions and forces that have influenced the African American experience. A Collegiate Press book