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Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept

Author: Jayneen Sanders
Publisher: Upload Publishing Pty Limited
ISBN: 9780987186010
Size: 41.62 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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A beautifully illustrated picture book that sensitively broaches the subject of keeping children safe from inappropriate touch.

The Gift Of Misfortune

Author: Joseph P. Policape
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1441533478
Size: 54.16 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Summary T HE GIFT OF MISFORTUNE CHRONICLES THE STORY OF A YOUNG HAITIAN IMMIGRANT TORN BETWEEN HIS NATIVE LAND, WHICH HE LOVES UNCONDITIONALLY, AND AN ADOPTED COUNTRY THAT HE FALLS IN LOVE WITH AT FIRST SIGHT. However, once he reluctantly arrives in his new country, in spite of himself, he loves it, but three major obstacles surface that alter his attitudes and eventually his life: his natural kinship with the Christian notion of poverty and wealth; his encounter with his adopted father/friend, Thomas, who is very critical of America; and the most important, the obstacle that makes him change his attitude about American culture and democracy his malevolent and greedy wife, Monica. Politics, religion, fear, deception, greed, courage, and revelation all come to play in the journey of Armand, who brings a willing sister to the United States while his heart and soul is still in Haiti. During Haiti's most turbulent recent times, Armand and sister, Deborah, become concerned about the chaos that is claiming the streets of Port-au-Prince. The fear, violence, murder, and hopelessness were affecting not only the poor and desperate but the wealthy and desperate as well. Deborah wants to go, and so one morning, she wakes up in her comfortable house. After hearing another story of one of her friends put to death because they will not join the military of Baby Doc (Jean-Claude Duvalier), she wants to go out of Haiti as both patriot and citizen. Deborah cannot go anywhere without her brother, Armand, and though he too is frightened, he feels that he can't leave Haiti. They are not involved in politics, but are religious: Armand, fundamentalist Protestant; and Deborah, traditional Catholic. They are still thrust into the politics of the country. They attend the finest school in Haiti, and they attend this school with the country's elite who are pro-Duvalier. With warring factions, violence spurting all around them, certain friends disappearing overnight, never to return, and some friends demanding them to choose between their neutral political life, and the need for them to get involved in the Duvalier government, and concerns for Deborah's freedom since an important Duvalier official might want Deborah for his son, they hatch a plan to escape to the United States of America. In the beginning, it is Deborah, and not Armand, who wanted to abandon Haiti, but Armand has to go to protect his sister and make sure she got there safely. After making a careful trip to Bainet to get money from their very wealthy parents, they leave for the United States of America. Armand leaves with a heavy heart because, unlike Deborah, he wanted to stay in Haiti to do religious work, which would end up looking like political work since Armand has a close connection and passion for the poor. But because of family and tradition, Deborah becomes the major priority. Armand starts a whole new journey when he gets on that plane to the United States and lands in New York City, where his relatives and friends are awaiting him and Deborah. In New York City, he is immediately thrown into a quandary. Though he misses Haiti, he excitingly falls in love with the United States and New York City. On his beginning U.S. journey, he is introduced to the two most important people in his life and the two most important characters in the novel. Also, he is introduced to two of the most important persons he met in his life in the United States: Thomas, a radical Christian socialist who constantly places the United States into the glaring light of expectation and reality and compels Armand to go beyond his strict religious beliefs to uncover deeper truth about a society that worships the material greed; and the other person is Monica, a young woman of questionable reputation, but has sterling charm, a charm that, in spite of all of the warning of Armand's family and church friends, got Armand to marry her. The novel unfolds with these two polar, opposite ch

On Living

Author: Kerry Egan
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0698409329
Size: 16.80 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Named a Best Book of 2016 by Real Simple and Southern Living "Illuminating, unflinching and ultimately inspiring... A book to treasure.” –People Magazine "A poetic and philosophical and brave and uplifting meditation on how important it is to make peace and meaning of our lives while we still have them.” --Elizabeth Gilbert, bestselling author ofEat Pray Love A hospice chaplain passes on wisdom on giving meaning to life, from those taking leave of it. As a hospice chaplain, Kerry Egan didn’t offer sermons or prayers, unless they were requested; in fact, she found, the dying rarely want to talk about God, at least not overtly. Instead, she discovered she’d been granted an invaluable chance to witness firsthand what she calls the “spiritual work of dying”—the work of finding or making meaning of one’s life, the experiences it’s contained and the people who have touched it, the betrayals, wounds, unfinished business, and unrealized dreams. Instead of talking, she mainly listened: to stories of hope and regret, shame and pride, mystery and revelation and secrets held too long. Most of all, though, she listened as her patients talked about love—love for their children and partners and friends; love they didn’t know how to offer; love they gave unconditionally; love they, sometimes belatedly, learned to grant themselves. This isn’t a book about dying—it’s a book about living. And Egan isn’t just passively bearing witness to these stories. An emergency procedure during the birth of her first child left her physically whole but emotionally and spiritually adrift. Her work as a hospice chaplain healed her, from a brokenness she came to see we all share. Each of her patients taught her something—how to find courage in the face of fear or the strength to make amends; how to be profoundly compassionate and fiercely empathetic; how to see the world in grays instead of black and white. In this poignant, moving, and beautiful book, she passes along all their precious and necessary gifts.

Restless Secrets

Author: Dorae Shae
Publisher: FriesenPress
ISBN: 1525503596
Size: 43.30 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This powerful collection of three novellas follows the lives of compelling and diverse women who all face the challenges of self-discovery and overcoming hardship. From early 1900s farm life in Poland to wine country in British Columbia to the coal-mining towns of West Virginia, Restless Secrets takes you on three very different journeys that are all woven together with a common thread: the resilience of women in the face of adversity that threatens to destroy their lives and the lives of their loved ones. “The Angry Land” tells the story of Elena, who is forced into an arranged marriage with a poor crop share tenant’s son who shares her dream of one day leaving the Old Country to escape their life of poverty. In “Evangeline,” Angeline not only conceals that she’s pregnant on her wedding day, but that the baby she is carrying is her husband’s brother’s; a secret she is determined to keep so it doesn’t destroy the ones she cares about the most. In “Violet Eyes,” Amethyst Reynolds discovers she was adopted when she receives a letter informing her that her birth mother has left her a sizable inheritance. When she goes back to West Virginia to prove this was all a mistake, she learns the truth about her tangled past— and discovers her life could be in danger.

How To Deal With Secrets

Author: Rachel Lynette
Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc
ISBN: 1404245197
Size: 48.45 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This title explores the issues associated with secrets and provides students with advice to cope with them.

The Safe Child Book

Author: Sherryll Kraizer
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0684814234
Size: 42.95 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Covers bullies, staying alone, the Internet, child care decisions, school safety, and saying "no"

Secrets Of The Seven

Author: Royanne Boyer
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1479751731
Size: 71.77 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Secrets of the Seven, Long Summary Book ID125854 A secret adventure to prove that Girls Rule is planned by seven long time friends during the summer prior to entering high school. Setting out into the deep forest behind their hometown, they search for a completely hidden space to set up a cool retreat from life at home. A place of secret freedom. While many use the forest for varying reasons, these friends manage to find and set up a truly secret space to call their own. Hiding their tracks, they meet the challenges of keeping their nature room a secret. To maintain their secret, they must find a way to lift lawn chairs out of sight and up into a massive gnarled tree; hide food, water and personal items from animals and humans; come and go, leaving no trail. Having met those challenges, they believe that they have proved, once and for all, that Girls Rule. They remain, unaware that someone is closely watching them, someone considered quite dangerous. As summer progresses, life at home becomes more complicated, especially for Clare, the story teller, who will face the greatest heartbreak of her young life. As summers end draws near, the girls are caught in a brutal storm that changes their lives forever. Lost in the forest after dark, with their secret still intact, they face real fear for the first time. Panic sets in. Will they lose their lives because they didnt know the difference between secrets that should be kept and secrets that must be shared?

Keeping Tigers

Author: Robert C. Wentworth
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1441561803
Size: 41.43 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Kyle is an eighteen year old fugitive running away from Savannah where he is implicated in an armed robbery and attempted murder charge for which he was truly an innocent bystander. He finds refuge with his boyhood companion and moves in with him and his intolerable girlfriend in some not-such-fancy accommodations in South Florida. Kyle gets part time work as a gardener for Jack and Lila, a well-off retired couple who become devoted to him; however, he lies about his true identity fearful of trusting anyone to learn of his secret. Both Jack and Lila have a secret they have kept hidden from each other for their entire married life. Secrets and lies becomes a way of life, and for Kyle it leads him into a homeless path of descent, misery and unimaginable distress.