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The Super Carb Diet

Author: Bob Harper
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 1250146615
Size: 43.67 MB
Format: PDF
View: 5903
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How do you prevent those constant food cravings and feelings of deprivation when trying to lose weight? Host of The Biggest Loser and celebrity trainer Bob Harper’s Super Carb Diet is the answer. Harper focuses on nutrient-dense foods that are big in flavor and allow certain kinds of carbohydrates at targeted times during the day. In The Super Carb Diet you’ll find: - How to eat carbs earlier in the day for sustained energy - A list of super-carb foods - Limited snacks but larger and more varied meals - A way of eating that’s sustainable - Super-charged weight loss The Super Carb Diet will keep millions of dieters from giving up after Week One. The program leads you through precise plate proportions, balancing good protein, low fat, high fiber, and nutrient density. Not only will you lose significant weight and whittle your waistline, you’ll walk away from the table feeling happy and full.

The Sweet Potato Diet

Author: Michael Morelli
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0738219894
Size: 47.46 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Unlock Nature's Way of Getting and Staying Lean for Life When you hear the words "carb-cycling" you may think: That's for the serious athletes and bodybuilders, there's no way I could ever do that - it's just too complicated. Guess again. In The Sweet Potato Diet, popular fitness guru Michael Morelli removes all of the guesswork and takes away the fear from traditional carb-cycling by simplifying it down into a step-by-step eating schedule where you'll never have to weigh your food, and there's absolutely no calorie counting ever. Carb-cycling the Sweet Potato Diet way is a super simple program that will begin to work instantly. Not only will it have an incredible impact on your fat loss, but you will notice increases in energy, better health markers across the board, and a body you can be confident in again no matter how old or young you are. Don't worry, you don't need to be a gourmet chef to do well on this diet, which includes 45 step-by-step, easy-to-follow recipes that will leave your taste buds happy and your stomach satisfied. The Sweet Potato Diet arranges recipes in convenient sections by course, even some sweet treats and decadent desserts which you can enjoy guilt-free on your new diet. It really works by supercharging your metabolism, promoting lean muscle gains, and optimizing fat burning by working with your body. In this book you will see... Methods for carb-cycling, essential nutrition, and an accessible two-phase approach for optimal results Strategies to track your results and adopt the lifestyle of permanent fat loss Meal plans, approved foods, and a grocery guide Easy exercises to structure workouts around your super carb-cycle

The Miracle Carb Diet

Author: Tanya Zuckerbrot
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1401304338
Size: 27.96 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 3217
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Eat More. Weigh Less. Live Longer. Celebrated nutritionist Tanya Zuckerbrot knows that when it comes to losing weight, addition is better than subtraction. Her secret? Add the Miracle Carb to your diet so you don't need to subtract delicious, satisfying foods. The Miracle Carb is dietary fiber, and chances are you don't get the recommended daily requirement, even if you're eating a healthy diet. Tanya introduced the world to fiber with the F-Factor Diet, and thousands of people have lost countless pounds, improved chronic conditions like diabetes, and gained more energy and vigor for living. And they did it all without sacrificing their lifestyles or the foods and drinks they love. With The Miracle Carb Diet, Tanya is making it easy for you to jump right into living life the F-Factor way. This not just an eating plan; it is a simple and effective action plan for achieving your best self without disrupting your best life. Tanya's here to help you lose weight fast, and then keep it off! You'll discover: - The four easy stages of the Miracle Carb Diet-you could lose up to 12 pounds in the first month! - Suggested fiber-rich foods and menu plans ideal for each stage, plus recommendations for eating out and enjoying cocktails from day one. - More than 100 original recipes and shopping lists and templates for journaling for better results. - Tanya's inspiring anecdotes, case studies, and tool kits for defense against specific food cravings and obstacles, plus super sidebars, tips, tricks, and more to help motivate and inform. The Miracle Carb Diet is a life-changing plan that's enjoyable, flexible, and doable, based on Zuckerbrot's extensive clinical experience as well as her in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge food and nutrition science. So go ahead and raise a glass to the Miracle Carb Diet (yes, you can enjoy that wine guilt-free) and celebrate the miracle of fiber that lets you eat more, weigh less, and even add years to your life.

The Low Carbohydrate Diet Guide For Triathletes

Author: Ben Greenfield
Publisher: Price World Publishing
ISBN: 1619841428
Size: 63.89 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 5553
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It's time to re-invent your body, health and athletic performance. We've been brainwashed into believing that endurance athletes need carbohydrates in order to perform optimally, but nothing could be further from the truth. In this book you'll find out why you don't need as many carbohydrates as you think, and what you can do about it. Contents include: - Why Choose Low Carbohydrate? - Answering Objections to a Low Carb Diet - Diet Explanation & Overview - Easy-To-Use Grocery Shopping List - Meal Plan for Regular Training Days - Meal Plan for Heavy Training Days - How to Fuel During Long Workouts - Full Race Week Meal Plan - Race Day Fueling - And Several Tasty Recipes! Get a breakthrough in performance, fat loss and health with a book that defies traditional sports nutrition madness!

Summary Of The Super Metabolism Diet The Two Week Plan To Ignite Your Fat Burning Furnace And Stay Lean For Life By David Zinczenko

Author: Abbey Beathan
Publisher: Abbey Beathan Publishing
ISBN: 1540198243
Size: 63.29 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 1331
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The Super Metabolism Diet: The Two-Week Plan to Ignite Your Fat-Burning Furnace and Stay Lean for Life! By David Zinczenko | Book Summary | Abbey Beathan (Disclaimer: This is NOT the original book.) NBC News health and wellness contributor, David Zinczenko, comes back again to teach you how to stay lean for life! David Zinczenko already did spectacular contributions to the nutrition field when he wrote his #1 New York Times best selling series Zero Sugar Diet, Zero Belly Diet. Now he has returned to teach you more ways to lose weight and have the figure you have always wanted. Filled with menus, shopping guides, a huge variety of optional workouts and tasty recipes, losing weight has never been easier! (Note: This summary is wholly written and published by Abbey Beathan. It is not affiliated with the original author in any way) "Gaining control of your body is far easier and far more attainable than you have ever imagined." – David Zinczenko If you are the kind of individual who constantly claims that their metabolism is what prevents them from being lean, then learn to use it in your favour! Convert your metabolism into a fat melting machine in no time with this extraordinary title. And if you think that you'll be forced to never eat your favorite meal again, you're mistaken. There are ways around it and Zinczenko goes into full detail in this awesome title. According to Zinczenko, his five core pillars is all that you need to obtain the body of your dreams. Are you up for it? P.S. The Super Metabolism Diet is an outstanding book that will aid you in the path to obtain the body of your dreams. P.P.S. It was Albert Einstein who famously said that once you stop learning, you start dying. It was Bill Gates who said that he would want the ability to read faster if he could only have one superpower in this world. Abbey Beathan's mission is to bring across amazing golden nuggets in amazing books through our summaries. Our vision is to make reading non-fiction fun, dynamic and captivating. Ready To Be A Part Of Our Vision & Mission? Scroll Up Now and Click on the "Buy now with 1-Click" Button to Get Your Copy. Why Abbey Beathan's Summaries? How Can Abbey Beathan Serve You? Amazing Refresher if you've read the original book before Priceless Checklist in case you missed out any crucial lessons/details Perfect Choice if you're interested in the original book but never read it before Disclaimer Once Again: This book is meant for a great companionship of the original book or to simply get the gist of the original book. "One of the greatest and most powerful gift in life is the gift of knowledge. The way of success is the way of continuous pursuit of knowledge" - Abbey Beathan

The 30 Day Low Carb Diet Solution

Author: Mary Dan Eades
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0544189310
Size: 50.45 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 6320
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From the authors of the phenomenal bestseller Protein Power comes a quick, easy-to-follow low-carb diet plan designed to get you on the fastest possible track to losing weight, feeling fantastic, and improving your health. If you've heard all the recent publicity about how low-carb eating can turn your health around--by keeping your insulin levels down and getting your excess weight off--but don't want to wade through hundreds of pages of explanation or complicated formulas before you get started, The 30-Day Low-Carb Diet Solution is for you. Unlike any other low-carb diet book in the market, this book gives you low-carb 101: the basics of low-carb eating without all the fuss. In this much-needed book, two of the most trusted names in low-carb dieting who have helped millions of readers lose weight provide the simplest possible diet designed for the best possible results. Drs. Michael and Mary Dan Eades give you the step-by-step basics-what to eat, what to avoid--and even provide specific low-carb meal plans to guide you at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for a full month. For those who would rather design their own meals, they include expert advice for easily creating a customized plan based on your current weight, health status, and goals. They show you the exact portions of carbohydrate-rich foods you can enjoy now to reach those goals and how to increase those amounts to maintain your health and weight for the long haul. Simply by knowing your height, weight, and gender, you can quickly determine how much protein to eat for optimal health-no complicated measurements, charts, or formulas to follow. The Drs. Eades include everything you need to get started now: self-assessment quizzes to help you effortlessly tailor your program to fit your needs, fill-in worksheets for planning meals and tracking your progress, and other important nutritional information for easy reference. By following the simple but highly effective and powerful diet in The 30-Day Low-Carb Diet Solution, complete with 30 days of meal plans and more than 100 delicious and easy recipes, you'll be on your way to a thinner and healthier you in just a month!

The Best Of Low Carb Diets For Breakfast

Author: Lisa William
Publisher: Independently Published
ISBN: 9781791855437
Size: 51.78 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 3380
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Are you looking for the perfect low carb diet recipes to loose weight?Do you want to change your overall eating habits? and enjoy the types and amounts of foods featured in low-carb diets.Or are you always busy and end up eating like everyone else while watching your weight increase by the day?This is the right book for you, easy to make desserts and breakfast diets for the super-busy, the busy and the not-so busy. Restrict your carb intake the easiest and delicious way.This book gives deatiled ways of how to prepare your perfect low-carb breakfast and dessert dishes together with the amount of carb and calories per serving, you surely wouldn't want to miss this. Grab your copy and enjoy.

Low Carb Diet For Beginners Essential Low Carb Recipes To Start Losing Weight

Author: Mendocino Press
Publisher: Callisto Media Inc
ISBN: 1623153190
Size: 10.86 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 2103
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Start seeing results right away with Low-Carb Diet for Beginners. A low-carb diet is one of the simplest ways to lose weight and transform your body permanently. Eating a low-carb diet will help you manage your weight, let go of cravings for unhealthy junk food, and fight diabetes, high cholesterol, and depression. With quick, tasty recipes, and easy-to-follow meal plans, Low-Carb Diet for Beginners will show you how to easily start a low-carb diet, so you can finally achieve and maintain your ideal weight. With Low Carb-Diet for Beginners you’ll finally be able to stop the painstaking counting of calories or feeling restricted to small portions, and instead enjoy every meal to the fullest. Low-Carb Diet for Beginners will make it easy to cut down on carbs and see amazing results with: · Dozens of simple and filling low-carb diet recipes, including Veggie-Packed Minestrone Soup, Crispy Parmesan Kale Chips, Roasted Salmon with Caramelized Leeks, and even Frosted Brownies · The science behind how a low-carb diet can increase your metabolism and reduce your food cravings, making it easier for you to eat less and burn more · Detailed information on hot topics such as good carbs vs. bad carbs, artificial sweeteners, and consumption of alcoholic beverages · A 7-day low–carb meal plan to take the guesswork out of a low-carb diet · Easy tips for grocery shopping, low-carb diet cooking, and handy lower-carb alternatives to have in your pantry Low-Carb Diet for Beginners will help you make the transition to a healthy, low-carb lifestyle and make permanent positive changes.

Manage Your Stress

Author: Joseph Shrand
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 1429950315
Size: 25.27 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 2054
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This book aims to give readers a full understanding of the how and why of the human stress response. While once a vital ancient survival tool, our biological stress response may now be in overdrive when confronted by the modern world around us. Research has repeatedly shown that stress can cause physical illness if undetected and unmanaged. And is not always your stress that gets in the way of your success and happiness. Usually it is someone else's stress that gets in the way of your success and happiness. What can you do to help someone else with their stress so you can both be more successful? Dr. Shrand addresses the deeper biological and survival reasons we experience stress, exploring ways to relieve your own stress but at the same time breaking new ground when he demonstrates how helping someone else with their stress actually helps you to be more successful -- because you are seen as benefactor, a person of value. The underlying biological roots of stress have to do with survival -- we feel stress when we worry we are inadequate to the task ahead of us. If we feel inadequate can we still retain our value to the group on which we depend, or will be cast out to fend for ourselves in a world of predators. Managing your stress in the modern-day world has to include managing the stress of those around you, and this book will show you how! This book provides readers with psychological and physical strategies necessary to keep stress from undermining their health, their joy, and the happiness of those around them. These simple and practical strategies help relieve our stress, and the stress of those around us.