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The Tarim Mummies

Author: J. P. Mallory
ISBN: 9780500283721
Size: 14.21 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Preserved in the Täklimakan desert sands of China lay the well preserved remains of a people who settled in the Tarim Basin four thousand years ago. This book forms the first comprehensive study of the mummies, their clothing and physiology, and also speculates on their identity. The possible contenders for the origins of these people and their linguistic background are discussed and the authors conclude with the rather controversial claim that these in fact represent the first Europeans in China. A most interesting and important book.

Akten Des Iv Internationalen Kongresses F R Hethitologie

Author: Gernot Wilhelm
Publisher: Otto Harrassowitz Verlag
ISBN: 9783447044851
Size: 68.74 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 1994
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Aus dem Inhalt (63 Beitrage)E. Neu, Hethitologie heuteS. Alaura, Archive und Bibliotheken in HattusaS. Alp, Das Hieroglyphensiegel von Troja und seine Bedeutung fur WestanatolienA. Alpman, Hititler'de AdoptionJ. Boley, An Intransitive hark-?O. Carruba, Anitta res gestae: paralipomena IY. Cohen, The "Unwritten Laws" of the Hittites: The Case of the natta ara ExpressionY. Coskun, GefassnamenA.M. Dincol, Ein interessanter Siegelabdruck aus Bogazkoy und die damit verknupften historischen FragenB. Dincol, Bemerkungen uber die hethitischen Siegelinhaber mit mehreren TitelnV. Donbaz, Some Recently Discovered Ka-rum 1-b Tablets and Related ObservationsWeitere Beitrage von: A. Ersoy/E. Reyhan, M. Giorgieri, H. Gonnet, R. Gusmani, J.D. Hawkins, S. Heinhold-Krahmer, H.A. Hoffner, T. van den Hout, M. Hutter, A.M. Jasink, J. Jie, C. Karasu, H. Klengel, J. Klinger, I. Klock-Fontanille u.v.a.

Empires Of Ancient Eurasia

Author: Craig Benjamin
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1108635407
Size: 44.35 MB
Format: PDF
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The Silk Roads are the symbol of the interconnectedness of ancient Eurasian civilizations. Using challenging land and maritime routes, merchants and adventurers, diplomats and missionaries, sailors and soldiers, and camels, horses and ships, carried their commodities, ideas, languages and pathogens enormous distances across Eurasia. The result was an underlying unity that traveled the length of the routes, and which is preserved to this day, expressed in common technologies, artistic styles, cultures and religions, and even disease and immunity patterns. In words and images, Craig Benjamin explores the processes that allowed for the comingling of so many goods, ideas, and diseases around a geographical hub deep in central Eurasia. He argues that the first Silk Roads era was the catalyst for an extraordinary increase in the complexity of human relationships and collective learning, a complexity that helped drive our species inexorably along a path towards modernity.

The Double Goddess

Author: Vicki Noble
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1591438667
Size: 15.42 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The first book to seriously study the double goddess that figures prominently in Neolithic and Bronze Age cultures. • Offers an important symbol for modern women seeking to reconnect with their ancient, integral sense of self and wholeness. • Presents an archetype for the sacred potential of female bonding, whether between mother and daughter, teacher and student, friends, or lovers. • Illustrated with 149 examples of double goddess images. Numerous figures depicting two women in intimate relation with one another, or as a single body with two heads, have been discovered in important centers of early civilizations such as Catal Huyuk and Gozo. These have been routinely ignored by scholars or dismissed as mere dolls with no sacred connotations whatsoever. Vicki Noble shows, to the contrary, that this double goddess is an ancient icon that can considerably expand our understanding of female sovereignty, as well as provide contemporary women with a way to reconnect with the integral sense of self and wholeness enjoyed by their ancestors. Ancient Goddess religion was informed by the organic cycles of nature--the dual poles of Life and Death. The double goddess represents phenomena such as the Earth-Moon pair, the Upper-Underworld pair, the Summer and Winter poles of the seasonal year, and the dual poles of the female biological reality of menstruation and ovulation--the dark and the light. The double goddess in all her varied forms also depicts the vast array of potential relationships women can form with themselves and each other. This book is a celebration of an archetype that not only empowers women, but also teaches them how to share that power with each other.

Xinjiang China S Muslim Borderland

Author: S. Frederick Starr
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317451376
Size: 22.60 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Eastern Turkestan, now known as Xinjiang or the New Territory, makes up a sixth of China's land mass. Absorbed by the Qing in the 1880s and reconquered by Mao in 1949, this Turkic-Muslim region of China's remote northwest borders on formerly Soviet Central Asia, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Mongolia, and Tibet, Will Xinjiang participate in twenty-first century ascendancy, or will nascent Islamic radicalism in Xinjiang expand the orbit of instability in a dangerous part of the world? This comprehensive survey of contemporary Xinjiang is the result of a major collaborative research project begun in 1998. The authors have combined their fieldwork experience, linguistic skills, and disciplinary expertise to assemble the first multifaceted introduction to Xinjiang. The volume surveys the region's geography; its history of military and political subjugation to China; economic, social, and commercial conditions; demography, public health, and ecology; and patterns of adaption, resistance, opposition, and evolving identities.

The Uyghurs

Author: Gardner Bovingdon
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231519419
Size: 54.41 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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For more than half a century many Uyghurs, members of a Muslim minority in northwestern China, have sought to achieve greater autonomy or outright independence. Yet the Chinese government has consistently resisted these efforts, countering with repression and a sophisticated strategy of state-sanctioned propaganda emphasizing interethnic harmony and Chinese nationalism. After decades of struggle, Uyghurs remain passionate about establishing and expanding their power within government, and China's leaders continue to push back, refusing to concede any physical or political ground. Beginning with the history of Xinjiang and its unique population of Chinese Muslims, Gardner Bovingdon follows fifty years of Uyghur discontent, particularly the development of individual and collective acts of resistance since 1949, as well as the role of various transnational organizations in cultivating dissent. Bovingdon's work provides fresh insight into the practices of nation building and nation challenging, not only in relation to Xinjiang but also in reference to other regions of conflict. His work highlights the influence of international institutions on growing regional autonomy and underscores the role of representation in nationalist politics, as well as the local, regional, and global implications of the "war on terror" on antistate movements. While both the Chinese state and foreign analysts have portrayed Uyghur activists as Muslim terrorists, situating them within global terrorist networks, Bovingdon argues that these assumptions are flawed, drawing a clear line between Islamist ideology and Uyghur nationhood.

Social Bioarchaeology

Author: Sabrina C. Agarwal
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781444390520
Size: 58.13 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Illustrates new methodological directions in analyzing human social and biological variation Offers a wide array of research on past populations around the globe Explains the central features of bioarchaeological research by key researchers and established experts around the world

The Silk Road A Very Short Introduction

Author: James A. Millward
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199323852
Size: 14.42 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The phrase "silk road" evokes vivid scenes of merchants leading camel caravans across vast stretches to trade exotic goods in glittering Oriental bazaars, of pilgrims braving bandits and frozen mountain passes to spread their faith across Asia. Looking at the reality behind these images, this Very Short Introduction illuminates the historical background against which the silk road flourished, shedding light on the importance of old-world cultural exchange to Eurasian and world history. On the one hand, historian James A. Millward treats the silk road broadly, to stand in for the cross-cultural communication between peoples across the Eurasian continent since at least the Neolithic era. On the other, he highlights specific examples of goods and ideas exchanged between the Mediterranean, Persia, India, and China, along with the significance of these exchanges. While including silks, spices, and travelers' tales of colorful locales, the book explains the dynamics of Central Eurasian history that promoted Silk Road interactions--especially the role of nomad empires--highlighting the importance of the biological, technological, artistic, intellectual, and religious interchanges across the continent. Millward shows that these exchanges had a profound effect on the old world that was akin to, if not on the scale of, modern globalization. He also disputes the idea that the silk road declined after the collapse of the Mongol empire or the opening of direct sea routes from Europe to Asia, showing how silk road phenomena continued through the early modern and modern expansion of the Russian and Chinese states across Central Asia. Millward concludes that the idea of the silk road has remained powerful, not only as a popular name for boutiques and restaurants, but also in modern politics and diplomacy, such as U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton's "Silk Road Initiative" for India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.