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The Trivium

Author: Sister Miriam Joseph
Publisher: Paul Dry Books
ISBN: 1589882733
Size: 46.24 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book involves understanding the nature and function or language.

Shakespeare S Use Of The Arts Of Language

Author: Sister Miriam Joseph
Publisher: Paul Dry Books
ISBN: 158988048X
Size: 55.64 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Grammar-school students in Shakespeare's time were taught to recognise the two hundred figures of speech that Renaissance scholars had derived from Latin and Greek sources (from amphibologia through onomatopoeia to zeugma). This knowledge was one element in their thorough grounding in the liberal arts of logic, grammar, and rhetoric, known as the trivium. In Shakespeare's Use of the Arts of Language Sister Miriam Joseph writes: "The extraordinary power, vitality, and richness of Shakespeare's language are due in part to his genius, in part to the fact that the unsettled linguistic forms of his age promoted to an unusual degree the spirit of creativeness, and in part to the theory of composition then prevailing . . . The purpose of this study is to present to the modern reader the general theory of composition current in Shakespeare's England." The author then lays out those figures of speech in simple, understandable patterns and explains each one with examples from Shakespeare. Her analysis of his plays and poems illustrates that the Bard knew more about rhetoric than perhaps anyone else. Originally published in 1947, this book is a classic.

Vom Menschen

Author: Alexander Pope
Publisher: Meiner, F
ISBN: 9783787313334
Size: 27.35 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Das Lehrgedicht über den Menschen von Alexander Pope (1688-1744) gilt als eines der herausragenden literarischen Zeugnisse seiner Zeit. Bald nach seinem Erscheinen 1733/1734 in viele Sprachen übersetzt, spiegelt es den moralphilosophischen Optimismus der frühen Aufklärung wider. Diese Ausgabe enthält den englischen Originaltext samt Angabe von Textvarianten und eine deutsche metrische Übertragung. Durch Register und zahlreiche erläuternde Anmerkungen wird der Zugang zum Text erleichtert.


Author: John Michell
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
ISBN: 9781632864963
Size: 59.78 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The trivium refers to the three liberal arts considered in classical Greece to be the pillars of critical thought: grammar, logic, and rhetoric. Following on the success of Quadrivium and Sciencia, Trivium gathers six Wooden Books titles together into a beautiful six-color package that presents ancient wisdom in an accessible way. Trivium will include the books Euphonics, Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric, Poetic Meter and Form, and Ethics.

The Software Arts

Author: Warren Sack
Publisher: Software Studies
ISBN: 0262039702
Size: 69.59 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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An alternative history of software that places the liberal arts at the very center of software's evolution. In The Software Arts, Warren Sack offers an alternative history of computing that places the arts at the very center of software's evolution. Tracing the origins of software to eighteenth-century French encyclopedists' step-by-step descriptions of how things were made in the workshops of artists and artisans, Sack shows that programming languages are the offspring of an effort to describe the mechanical arts in the language of the liberal arts. Sack offers a reading of the texts of computing--code, algorithms, and technical papers--that emphasizes continuity between prose and programs. He translates concepts and categories from the liberal and mechanical arts--including logic, rhetoric, grammar, learning, algorithm, language, and simulation--into terms of computer science and then considers their further translation into popular culture, where they circulate as forms of digital life. He considers, among other topics, the "arithmetization" of knowledge that presaged digitization; today's multitude of logics; the history of demonstration, from deduction to newer forms of persuasion; and the post-Chomsky absence of meaning in grammar. With The Software Arts, Sack invites artists and humanists to see how their ideas are at the root of software and invites computer scientists to envision themselves as artists and humanists.

The Metalogicon

Author: John of Salisbury
Publisher: Paul Dry Books
ISBN: 1589880587
Size: 26.24 MB
Format: PDF
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Written in 1159 and addressed to Thomas Becket, John of Salisbury's The Metalogicon presents -- and defends -- a thorough study of the liberal arts of grammar, logic, and rhetoric. The very name "Metalogicon", a coinage by the author, brings together the Greek meta (on behalf of) and logicon (logic or logical studies). Thus, in naming his text, he also explained it. With this lucid treatise on education, John of Salisbury urges a thorough grounding in the arts of words (oral and written) and reasoning, as these topics are addressed in grammar and logic. Written more than nine hundred years ago, The Metalogicon still possesses an invigorating originality that invites readers to refresh themselves at the sources of Western learning.

Introduction To The Fundamental Liberal Arts

Author: Jonathan Sammartino
Publisher: Whole Mind Press
ISBN: 9780996630719
Size: 17.56 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The purpose of this text is to introduce the reader to the three fundamental liberal arts: grammar, logic, and rhetoric. These three disciplines, together called the Trivium, formed the foundation of the system of education that held sway in the West from ancient to modern times. Grammar is the art of combining the symbols that we call words into sentences. Logic is the art of reasoning to achieve knowledge of reality as it is. Rhetoric is the art of sharing ideas and of persuasion.

The Trivium

Author: Jane Smith
Publisher: Walker & Company
ISBN: 9780802717757
Size: 57.90 MB
Format: PDF
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An introductory primer on the first three of the seven liberal arts of antiquity explains how the Trivium comprised the basics of a classical linguistic education in medieval times and is still studied today to impart key understandings in logic and persuasive communication.

Rhetoric And Stylistics

Author: Ulla Fix
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110178575
Size: 38.79 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Rhetoric and stylistics deal with successful human communication and the arrangement of language in texts. The handbook offers surveys of theoretical approaches, forms of linguistic practice and practical contexts from antiquity to the present.