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Time And Navigation

Author: Andrew K. Johnston
Publisher: Smithsonian Institution
ISBN: 1588344924
Size: 16.30 MB
Format: PDF
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If you want to know where you are, you need a good clock. The surprising connection between time and place is explored in Time and Navigation: The Untold Story of Getting from Here to There, the companion book to the National Air and Space Museum exhibition of the same name. Today we use smartphones and GPS, but navigating has not always been so easy. The oldest "clock" is Earth itself, and the oldest means of keeping time came from observing changes in the sky. Early mariners like the Vikings accomplished amazing feats of navigation without using clocks at all. Pioneering seafarers in the Age of Exploration used dead reckoning and celestial navigation; later innovations such as sextants and marine chronometers honed these techniques by measuring latitude and longitude. When explorers turned their sights to the skies, they built on what had been learned at sea. For example, Charles Lindbergh used a bubble sextant on his record-breaking flights. World War II led to the development of new flight technologies, notably radio navigation, since celestial navigation was not suited for all-weather military operations. These forms of navigation were extended and enhanced when explorers began guiding spacecraft into space and across the solar system. Astronauts combined celestial navigation technology with radio transmissions. The development of the atomic clock revolutionized space flight because it could measure billionths of a second, thereby allowing mission teams to navigate more accurately. Scientists and engineers applied these technologies to navigation on earth to develop space-based time and navigation services such as GPS that is used every day by people from all walks of life. While the history of navigation is one of constant change and innovation, it is also one of remarkable continuity. Time and Navigation tells the story of navigation to help us understand where we have been and how we got there so that we can understand where we are going.

Where Minds And Matters Meet

Author: Volker Janssen
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520289102
Size: 74.38 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The American West—where such landmarks as the Golden Gate Bridge rival wild landscapes in popularity and iconic significance—has been viewed as a frontier of technological innovation. Where Minds and Matters Meet calls attention to the convergence of Western history and the history of technology, showing that the region’s politics and culture have shaped seemingly placeless, global technological practices and institutions. Drawing on political and social history as well as art history, the book’s essays take the cultural measure of the region’s great technological milestones, including San Diego’s Panama-California Exposition, the building of the Hetch Hetchy Dam in the Sierras, and traffic planning in Los Angeles. Contributors: Amy Bix, Louise Nelson Dyble, Patrick McCray, Linda Nash, Peter Neushul, Matthew W. Roth, Bruce Sinclair, L. Chase Smith, Carlene Stephens, Aristotle Tympas, Jason Weems, Peter Westwick, Stephanie Young

Interpreting Our World 100 Discoveries That Revolutionized Geography

Author: Joseph J. Kerski Ph.D.
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1610699203
Size: 27.31 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This important book demonstrates why geography matters in the modern-day world through its examination of 100 moments throughout history that had a significant impact on the study of geography—literally, "writing about the earth." • Provides readers with an understanding of why geography matters to our 21st-century world and an awareness of how geography affects our everyday lives and is key to wise decision making • Addresses and explains key themes of geography, including scale, physical processes, cultural processes, patterns, relationships, models, and trends • Integrates time, space, and place in geography, documenting how it is not only the study of spatial patterns, but also the fact that many discoveries in geography came about because of the particular time and place in which the discoverers lived


Author: Zachary Mix
Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 1481730398
Size: 68.84 MB
Format: PDF
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As the beautiful chosen Goddess named Yumi is born she gets the Fang Necklace placed around her by her Great Grandfather of whom used to belong to Organization XXI and placed his ring upon this newborn warrior, as she does not know the secret that her Great Grandfather is holding out of her about the truth behind that necklace and the real meaning of it soon by no later than her fifth birthday raised by the deadliest forces of martial arts ever known in what is known as the Forbidden Palace, standing deep in the grounds of Doujiin’s Dojo in the furthest east of Ancient Japan she soon becomes uncharted, left stranded alone to get through the test of the impassible judgment tests of darkness. The unknown location only she has survived as the only human that is far away from civilization, for she is the final hope and is known as the rebirthed Japanese Fox Tailed Goddess of War always carrying her Twin Phoenix Katanas. Sleeping every night she still hears the Song of a hundred thousand rose pedals wanting more each day to learn it, in order to take down the most grand of all dark forces in order to carry forth her most prestigious honor for her family and home. On the quest to finally destroy Diisuke once and for all she must while enduring much pain and destruction push through destroying everything the King of the Dark Chinese Gods throws at her reaching him in time before it is too late as the universe would fall into oblivion. Soon enough by the point she will have reached her eighteenth birthday the biggest secret in the world is revealed that while she is immortal there is a price to pay as with her power she belongs to the Organization, in which there are twenty-one members and she is the final member of this deadliest group to ever be reckoned with, however what she does not know is that if this curse is to be lifted she would not only have to stop the creator behind who created the Organization in the first place but in turn she would have to die as well.

The Pacesetter

Author: Jerry M. Fisher
Size: 57.85 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Explores the life of Carl Fisher, the man who created the first transcontinental highway, developed Miami Beach, and built the Indy 500

Fourth Force

Author: Geoff Puddefoot
Publisher: Seaforth Publishing
ISBN: 178383059X
Size: 48.85 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Set up in August 1905, the Royal Fleet Auxiliary was originally a logistic support organization, part of the Navy proper but run on civilian lines, comprising a miscellaneous and very unglamorous collection of colliers, store ships and harbor craft. Just over a century later it has evolved beyond recognition: its ships compare in size, cost and sophistication with all but the largest warships, and the RFA itself has developed into an essential arm of all three Services. It is truly the ‘Fourth Force’ – as it is known to its own personnel – and without it, the current worldwide deployment of British service men and women would be simply impossible. This book charts the veritable revolution that has overtaken the RFA since the end of the Second World War. New technology and techniques reflect the rapid growth in the importance of logistics in modern warfare, while the broadening role of the RFA is to be seen in the history of its operations, many of them little known to the public. Woven together from a combination of technical ship data, official correspondence and personal recollections, it is predominantly about the men and women of the RFA and their stories – an insight into the underreported history of a service whose initials unofficially translate as Ready For Anything.

Left For Dead

Author: Nick Ward
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1408107864
Size: 73.47 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Fastnet Race is the world famous yacht race from the Isle of Wight to the Fastnet Rock off the southwest coast of Ireland and back. The race of 1979 began in perfect weather conditions but within 48 hours, the deadliest storm in the history of modern sailing struck off the south coast of Ireland. By the time it had passed, the havoc caused was immeasurable. Even more devastating, it had mercilessly taken the lives of fifteen sailors. It had been Nick Ward's childhood ambition to sail in the Fastnet Race, and after being asked to join the crew aboard the 30-foot yacht Grimalkin it was a dream come true. But then the storm hit. Grimalkin was capsized again and again, the skipper was lost overboard and after hours of struggle, three of the crew decided to abandon the boat for the liferaft. Nick and his fellow crewmember Gerry, both injured and unconscious, were left on the beleaguered yacht in the middle of the Irish Sea. Both were presumed dead, and were taken off the priority list for rescue. Gerry died a few hours later, and Nick was left to face the storm alone. Now available as a paperback, Left for Dead is the tragic and inspirational story of Nick Ward's survival against all the odds. It is the story of an ordinary man who survived an extraordinary event. It was an experience which affected him so deeply that for over 25 years his story has remained untold - until now.