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Unwanted Advances

Author: Laura Kipnis
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062657887
Size: 50.78 MB
Format: PDF
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From a highly regarded feminist cultural critic and professor comes a polemic arguing that the stifling sense of sexual danger sweeping American campuses doesn’t empower women, it impedes the fight for gender equality. Feminism is broken, argues Laura Kipnis, if anyone thinks the sexual hysteria overtaking American campuses is a sign of gender progress. A committed feminist, Kipnis was surprised to find herself the object of a protest march by student activists at her university for writing an essay about sexual paranoia on campus. Next she was brought up on Title IX complaints for creating a "hostile environment." Defying confidentiality strictures, she wrote a whistleblowing essay about the ensuing seventy-two-day investigation, which propelled her to the center of national debates over free speech, "safe spaces," and the vast federal overreach of Title IX. In the process she uncovered an astonishing netherworld of accused professors and students, campus witch hunts, rigged investigations, and Title IX officers run amuck. Drawing on interviews and internal documents, Unwanted Advances demonstrates the chilling effect of this new sexual McCarthyism on intellectual freedom. Without minimizing the seriousness of campus assault, Kipnis argues for more honesty about the sexual realities and ambivalences hidden behind the notion of "rape culture." Instead, regulation is replacing education, and women’s hard-won right to be treated as consenting adults is being repealed by well-meaning bureaucrats. Unwanted Advances is a risk-taking, often darkly funny interrogation of feminist paternalism, the covert sexual conservatism of hook-up culture, and the institutionalized backlash of holding men alone responsible for mutually drunken sex. It’s not just compulsively readable, it will change the national conversation.

Rape Culture And Religious Studies

Author: Rhiannon Graybill
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 149856285X
Size: 75.92 MB
Format: PDF
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Rape Culture and Religious Studies explores how teachers and scholars in religion should respond to sexual violence and rape culture in classrooms, curriculums, and the community. The volume offers critical reflections and practical teaching strategies from leading experts working in a variety of institutional contexts and religious traditions.

Consent On Campus

Author: Donna Freitas
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190671165
Size: 48.28 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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A 2015 survey of twenty-seven elite colleges found that twenty-three percent of respondents reported personal experiences of sexual misconduct on their campuses. That figure has not changed since the 1980s, when people first began collecting data on sexual violence. What has changed is the level of attention that the American public is paying to these statistics. Reports of sexual abuse repeatedly make headlines, and universities are scrambling to address the crisis. Their current strategy, Donna Freitas argues, is wholly inadequate. Universities must take a radically different approach to educating their campus communities about sexual assault and consent. Consent education is often a one-time affair, devised by overburdened student affairs officers. Universities seem more focused on insulating themselves from lawsuits and scandals than on bringing about real change. What is needed, Freitas shows, is an effort by the entire university community to deal with the deeper questions about sex, ethics, values, and how we treat one another, including facing up to the perils of hookup culture-and to do so in the university's most important space: the classroom. We need to offer more than a section in the student handbook about sexual assault, and expand our education around consent far beyond "Yes Means Yes." We need to transform our campuses into places where consent is genuinely valued. Freitas advocates for teaching not just how to consent, but why it's important to care about consent and to treat one's sexual partners with dignity and respect. Consent on Campus is a call to action for university administrators, faculty, parents, and students themselves, urging them to create cultures of consent on their campuses, and offering a blueprint for how to do it.

Campus Sexual Assault

Author: Evan Gerstmann
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1108497926
Size: 31.59 MB
Format: PDF
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Demonstrates how colleges routinely deny students fair hearings in sexual assault cases and define sexual assault in an unconstitutionally broad manner.

The Fear Of Child Sexuality

Author: Steven Angelides
ISBN: 022664863X
Size: 66.53 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Continued public outcries over such issues as young models in sexually suggestive ads and intimate relationships between teachers and students speak to one of the most controversial fears of our time: the entanglement of children and sexuality. In this book, Steven Angelides confronts that fear, exploring how emotional vocabularies of anxiety, shame, and even contempt not only dominate discussions of youth sexuality but also allow adults to avoid acknowledging the sexual agency of young people. Introducing case studies and trends from Australia, the United Kingdom, and North America, he challenges assumptions on a variety of topics, including sex education, age-of-consent laws, and sexting. Angelides contends that an unwillingness to recognize children's sexual agency results not in the protection of young people but in their marginalization.

Against Inclusion

Author: Amardo Rodriguez
ISBN: 9780692043189
Size: 54.27 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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In the last year there have been new books that look critically at the rise of political correctness on US college campuses. These books include Laura Kipnis's Unwanted Advances: Sexual Paranoia Comes to Campus, Nadine Strossen's Hate: Why We Should Resist It with Free Speech, Not Censorship, Keith Whittington's Speak Freely: Why Universities Must Defend Free Speech, Greg Lukianoff's and Jonathan Haidt's The Coddling of the American Mind: How Good Intentions and Bad Ideas Are Setting Up a Generation for Failure, and Erwin Chemerinsky's and Howard Gillman's Free Speech on Campus. However, what distinguishes Against Inclusion from these is that I focus on the goal of political correctness, which is supposedly achieving diversity and inclusion. I contend that this goal is both dysfunctional and dangerous. Rather than promoting diversity and inclusion, I contend that political correctness trivializes and destroys human diversity for the sake of preserving rather than disrupting the status quo. In this regard, Against Inclusion makes an important contribution to discussions about diversity, language, and multiculturalism policy. Indeed, no other book that looks critically at the goals of political correctness. We simply assume, when criticizing political correctness, that the path to the goal is what is the problem. I contend that the goal is ultimately the problem.

Rooted In Evil

Author: Natalie Joy Andrews
Publisher: Page Publishing Inc
ISBN: 1683481860
Size: 39.28 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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: “I could hear the crackling of the blazing fires and even feel the smoke swirl around my body. The faint odor of blood filled my nostrils until I was overwhelmed by the stench of death.” Moving to a small town and beginning her senior year at a new school proved to be much more than a typical high school nightmare of being the new kid on campus; for Addy, it was a tug-of-war for her soul. Enticed by a mysterious and powerful group of peers, she uncovers unexpected secrets hidden away in the coastal town of Ledo and must face the most important decision of her life, but it may cost her just that…her life.